Earn up to £25,000 a year just by downloading an App and becoming a Legal Ambassador

Promoted to be the 1st Mobile App of its kind in the UK, there aren’t any other Apps that offer this type of bespoke client service, and a very healthy passive income to go with it. What’s the catch? None that we can see!

Around this time of year companies enlist the help of you, the customer, to promote their product and they usually pay out pretty handsome rewards for this. Claims Legal currently have a brand new iPhone & Android Mobile App that has been developed to reward people who want to help their friends,family, neighbours, work friends and anyone you know who have suffered an accident, injury, sickness, medical or dental negligence, slips and trips and all, or need legal representation of various sorts by specialist solicitors and barristers across the UK.

It is 100% free to download and register on the App, and you’ll get full access to the many features inside the App right away, and you’ll be an authorised Ambassador of The Accident Guys™ . Any time your family or friends need a specialist solicitor or barrister simply tell them about The Accident Guys 100% free service and specialist solicitors and barristers who all work No Win No Fee, and if they ask to be contacted, simply fill in their name and number in the App and that’s your role complete!

If your friend or family member or colleague takes up the offer of a No Win No Fee service, then you get rewarded £250 each and every time. The App even does the case tracking and auto invoicing amongst lots of other things, offering full transparency.

The App has loads of extra features built in, including an ‘Instant Assist’ feature for recording on the scene of an accident information, names and numbers, notes, registrations, photographs and geo location recording. ‘Your Office’ helps you track the status of the clients you submit, there’s Facebook built in, a message centre, Types of claims and information on each, there’s lots built in that are really helpful.

The App is also set to be updated in Feb 2018 and bring a whole new level of income earning opportunities to everyday people across the UK.

Become an Ambassador today and download the App – click the correct button below





One response to “Earn up to £25,000 a year just by downloading an App and becoming a Legal Ambassador”

  1. I’ve seen this before and thought it was a good idea. Just downloaded it and registered and seems really good to be honest. I’ve told my family if any call centres call offering claims and all the likes – they’re to tell them they have their own legal advisor from now on.


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