Holiday Sickness has been a hot topic through 2017 – but one company stands out above them all to support those with genuine holiday sickness claims


Saving up all year to go on holiday only to get there and come down with severe sickness is probably everyone’s nightmare. European Package Travel Regulations when booking an All-Inclusive Packaged Holiday give lots of extra protection for when things go wrong, including accidents on holiday and illness and sickness.

2017 has seen a press frenzy on fake holiday sickness claims, some brits have even been sent to jail for fake claims, but many thousands of people do genuinely get sick and have their holiday ruined, and sometimes it is down to the hotel cleanliness or standard of food served.

Claims Legal operate a brand called Holiday Sickness Claims and have a panel of specialist Solicitors and Barristers that will review claims and represent clients on a No Win No Fee basis.

You will need a copy of your booking confirmation showing flights and hotels, this is usually emailed to you when booking, and there’s some questions and answers to provide so your file can be reviewed by the lawyers with a view to representing your claim.

If your holiday was ruined by sickness and you feel it was someone else’s fault, don’t do the usual British thing and let it be, you could be entitled to claim £1500 or more per person that was sick!

If you have been away recently and you were unwell on your trip and feel the Tour Operator or the Hotel contributed to or caused your sickness, there is a chance you could get some compensation for this.

Visit and Like their Facebook page HERE or visit their website for more in depth information visit their website at

Or call them freephone on 0800-8-654321


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