Is your property one of 3 MILLION + caught in the Cavity Wall Insulation scandal?


Get your FREE Chartered Surveyor inspection through Wall Cavity Claims

If you have had wall cavity insulation fitted in your house in the last 14 years then it could be causing severe damage to your house and your home. Damp is one of the main symptoms of poor wall cavity insulation and only recently has the match between failed Cavity Wall Insulation and damp, mould and severe condensation been made.

Parliament discussed the huge problem in November 2016 but little has been heard in the media and with Brexit and many other things higher on the list for the country’s leaders, nothing more has been heard since.

Wall Cavity Claims have been supporting homeowners who are suffering with damp, mould, condensation, damp smells and other related issues for over 2 years, and offer a free, no obligation Chartered Surveyor service to check whether your insulation was installed properly. It can cost an average of £25,000 to have it extracted and repairs carried out when it has been installed incorrectly.

12 million homes have been installed and many under free schemes. Each install should have been covered by a CIGA or other guarantee, and with the massive scale of the problem, many of the contractors have now gone out of business.

Wall Cavity Claims offer a national service across England and Wales, and where faults are found by their surveyors, they can recommend specialist panel solicitors to represent you on a No Win No Fee funded solution. To make a private claim paying upfront for reports and professional services you could need a large deposit of £4000, so this solution is very well worth looking at.

Wall Cavity Claims boast the services of the UK’s No.1 Chartered Surveyors firm in the country in this field, so you and your home will be in very capable hands.

Buying or selling a home today you will more than likely need a ‘no faults’ certificate to complete. Conveyancing solicitors and mortgage lenders are putting measures in place to protect those buying in today’s marketplace.

Many people have not even linked damp or similar issues to being caused by Cavity Wall Insulation, but the word is spreading fast, and soon thousands of these claims will be processed every week which might delay claims, so the sooner you act the quicker your property can be checked and fixed.

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