Fairfields Farm Microwaveable Crisps

IMG_0085I consider myself an expert in all things crisp. A “crisp connoisseur” if you will. There probably isn’t a crisp on this earth I haven’t tried. Favourite flavour? Dil Pickle Pringles that I haven’t seen anywhere other than the Philippines. Favourite shape? Monster Munch claws. Favourite hot crisp? None as of yet, because I had no idea you could have crips hot until I heard Fairfields Farm made microwaveable crisps. Even the little numbers you get at the cinema are not hot themselves, so I was looking forward to trying something different.

So what’s the deal with a microwaveable crisp?

If you were to have crisps fresh from the fryer, they would be hot. Fairfields Farm are recreating this with their delicious “Heat & Eat™” idea. Even if you can’t cook or you have never used a microwave in your life you will be able to easily use Heat & Eat™. All you need to do is tear off the strip on the bag, microwave the crisps for 30 seconds and serve with the dip that comes with them (take the dip out of the bag before you microwave them, obviously).


I tried the sea salt and the cheese and chive flavours. They came with a tomato salsa dip and an onion chutney dip. One of the main things I noticed about them being warm was that the flavours were a lot stronger. The great thing about Fairfield’s Farm crisps is that all of the potatoes come from the family farm. So from the moment, the potato is harvested to the moment you put it in your mouth it is lovingly handled by the same people. It sounds like a really strange thing to say about a crisp – but you can actually taste the freshness (I am fully aware I am making myself sound like an incredibly strange crisp enthusiast here).


Another thing I loved was that because everything is made with tender loving care on the farm, they manage to avoid some of my crisp pet hates.

Soggy crisps

Absolutely hate a soggy crisp, but you do not get any of this with Fairfields Farm crisps. You may think that they would go a bit soggy when you microwave them, but this isn’t the case.

Broken crisps

Every day I shove a bag of crisps in my bag (Marmite if you must know, I save them for the train ride home so people won’t sit next to me), and they end up as nothing but dust. Fairfields Farm sent me my crisps to try by post and not only did they survive but they were completely in tact thanks to their packaging.

Flavourless crisps

Supermarket’s own brand crisps are usually the worst offenders for this. There isn’t anything worse than a flavourless crisp and if there is I don’t want to know about it. Fairfields Farm crisps really pack in the flavour.

Would I recommend them?

Definitely. They make a lovely change from tortillas and dip and there are still a lot of people out there who prefer the great British flavours like sea salt and cheese and chive, so they are a perfect addition to any girls night.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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