CoolSculpting at Pulse Light Clinic, London

Because of the complications that are associated with surgery many more people are now looking for non-surgical options for those touch ups that help their body confidence make a come back. Non-invasive lip plumping and face lifting have gained popularity in the last few years and there is now a fat freezing treatment available that doesn’t involve surgery.

Pulse Light Clinic in London offer the CoolSculpting treatment across all of their London clinics. The FDA approved therapy freezes fat cells and eliminates them without the use of a needle or any invasive procedures. Most people see results after 8 weeks and one of the main benefits of having a CoolSculpting treatment at Pulse Light Clinic is the fact that the CoolSculpting treatment requires no recovery time. The Liverpool Street clinic is centrally located and is open until 8pm on weekdays – giving you the perfect opportunity to pop by after work for a treatment.





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