Don’t Despair If You Are Dating In These Towns

It would seem that no matter where you live or how far out of your area you are willing to go, you just cannot find any good men. You could be looking for adult dating, casual dating or a long term relationship and the pool just seems to be dry for all of them. How many times have you scrolled through a dating website and wondered where on earth all the men that are your type are?

Don’t worry ladies. You may have to kiss a few frogs, but the perfect guy really is out there, and here are some famous guys home areas to cheer you up.

Cheshire – Harry Styles

Yes ladies you read that correctly. One Directions biggest heartthrob is from Cheshire. So if you are currently doing some Cheshire dating and you are starting to give up hope, just remember there is a Harry Styles waiting out there for you somewhere.

Lancashire – Philip Schofield

If you are looking for single men in Lancashire you may have already stumbled upon some silver foxes, but did you know daytime TV’s original grey haired guilty pleasure is from Lancashire? Philip Schofield may not seem like a Hollywood hero but he certainly has a large female fanbase with his cheeky snapchat antics and smouldering eyes.

Southampton – Craig David

When Southampton dating starts to frustrate you keep telling yourself that the original garage boy Craig David is from the area. Not only is he good looking but he just does not seem to age, and after a rather long break he looks more fit than ever!

Buckinghamshire – James Cordon

Another one on the secret crush list is loveable rogue James Cordon. Yes, we admit he isn’t the conventional calendar pin up but there is just something about him. Buckinghamshire dating could lead you straight to someone as cute and funny as him.

Strathclyde – Jim McColl

You are probably thinking “who on earth is Jim McColl”. Well ladies Strathclyde dating may not bring you the youthful good looks of Harry Styles, but he IS Scotlands richest man. If that isn’t an incentive to give a dating site a go, I don’t know what is!


2 responses to “Don’t Despair If You Are Dating In These Towns”

  1. There is still hope for us with celebrity crushes! XOXO.


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