Since When Are Burgers So Expensive?


I don’t know if burgers have got more expensive since I worked in London, or working in London has made me realise how expensive burgers are, but either way, what the hell is going on?

After stopping being vegetarian I’ve still tried to maintain quite a healthy diet but let’s face it: fat Fridays happen. Being nestled comfortable in-between Covent Garden and Leicester Square means I have a large selection of burger choices at my finger tips. On my first day I went to Honest Burger with some people from work, and although I was impressed with their veggie burger I can’t say I would have been as suitably impressed with a meat offering costing me £10.

So the other day, after having never been, I thought I’d give Five Guys a crack on my “fat Friday”. One of the main benefits was the fact that it is a shorter walk than McDonalds and I had already walked around for most of my lunch break looking for a dress to wear to a rave the next day in Stoke On Trent. The ordering process is quite simple which I like. I actually actively avoid Subway because I find it intimidating being asked 144 questions when I just want what is basically a ham roll.

“What bread do you want?”

I don’t know love, I have no idea what your 47 types of bread are and usually at home I have Kingsmill 50/50.

“What salad do you want?”

Just the usual stuff mate. I have no idea what half of this shit is and if you try to put an olive in my sandwich I am going to throat punch you.

“Any sauce?”

Yes. Please put ketchup on my ham sandwich. That’s not weird at all.

So yes, ordering is quite painless at Five Guys and thank heavens you do not have to be treated like a weird outsider for not liking mayonnaise. I ordered a burger and some spicy fries with a drink. Standard Friday procedure. What wasn’t standard Friday procedure was it costing me £16.20. £16.20 for a glorified Big Mac Meal. When did this happen? When did life get so expensive? Why do I live in a world where my burger cost me nearly as much as my outfit?


3 responses to “Since When Are Burgers So Expensive?”

  1. Five Guys is so much better than MacD’s though, The customisation and the drinks machine are so great!
    16 quid is a lot though…. Did you get a milkshake?


    1. No just a regular coke. You always get done over in central London


  2. Their burgers are expensive because they serve higher quality meat and veggies. Also they do it in front of you and they have a well trained staff of professional chefs.
    But i still like Mcdonalds because it’s cheaper. Save money


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