The Best Alternative Dating Locations

When it comes to dating, it is ALWAYS the big cities that get all of the attention. Places like London and Manchester are mentioned in dating guide after dating guide – and no-one mentions the places that are a little bit out of the way. If you are using online dating in an area that is considered a bit rural there are still amazing places to go on dates. You don’t even need to spend much to find great places that are suitable for the first or even the fifth date. Rural areas tend to have a lot to offer in the summer months, but when winter rolls around it can be a huge struggle to find somewhere that is indoors.


Dating in Staffordshire may seem like quite the challenge, especially during the winter when all of the beautiful outdoor locations are off limits. Staffordshire may be plentiful in national parks, but there are also some incredibly fun indoor venues to visit on a date. Why not try a day out at Nelson’s Gin Distillery and Gin School? Not only do you get to find out how gin is made but there are also samples. Full day experiences can be booked via their website and are subject to availability.


Are you sick of having to travel to Edinburgh when you are actually dating in Lothian? There are actually loads of interesting and fun things to do on a date in Lothian itself. Dirleton Castle is a great location to spend a sunny day date learning about the castle and enjoying all of the activities that are available on the castle grounds. The views are breathtaking and make this location well worth a visit.


Another Scotland location that seems like a tough location to find a good place for a date in. If you are dating in Tayside you will probably consider going into Dundee for more excitement. With so many bars and restaurants, it can be hard to settle on just one as there really is something for every occasion. If his date is your first – consider the Sole Y Sombra Tapas Bar. It’s relaxed atmosphere and easy going menu make this little find the perfect place to visit if you do not yet know each other very well.


Dating in Gloucestershire may present the challenge of having too MUCH choice. Although it is close to Oxford there are loads of things to do in Gloucestershire itself. If you don’t fancy travelling far to meet your date you only need to perform a quick search to find some amazing ideas of things to do in Gloucestershire. An afternoon tea at Cowley Manor would be a great way to chat and get to know each other. Feeling adventurous? Gloucestershire is the UK capital of hot air ballon rides that will take you high over the countryside. If that all sounds like a bit too much excitement for you, keep it low key and book a horse riding day.


Cornwall is a really easy place to find date ideas in. Visit one of the many beaches or tae a surf lesson together. If you are dating in Cornwall you’ll be spoiled for choice for bars and restaurants so head to Newquay as that is where all of the action is.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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