My Honest Review Of Vero

Last week, I saw quite a bit of noise on Twitter surrounding a new social media app. Never one to be left out I thought I’d give it a try. Vero is apparently a social media app that will never have ads and that shows you all of your posts in a chronological timeline. Basically, everything we hate about Instagram, reversed.

I downloaded it with all of the hope in the world. Sure, I wasn’t impressed with having to learn how to use ANOTHER app, but the promise of a social media channel that wasn’t run by money grabbing idiots was too good to miss out on.

Obviously an app that has a user interface that is so different to the ones we are used to is going to take a long time to get used to. I actually liked the UI of Vero at first (but then again, I didn’t mind the new Snapchat update either), however when I started to try and actually DO things, I found the UI frustrating. It’s bulky, not beginner friendly and there are so many glitches you don’t know if it is just the tech playing up or the actual UI.

I know there have been glitches in the system because there has been a mad rush of people joining in the last couple of weeks. Fair enough, but this is something you should expect if you are going to ramp up your PR. Any company that decide to ramp up their advertising without actually having the tech to back it up are ill-prepared and basically not very good at business in my opinion.

The other thing that was frustrating was that it was just SO HARD to add people. There were a couple of people from Reddit I wanted to connect with and I just found it impossible. I also found it really hard to like and comment on other peoples media. Not at ALL what you want for a SOCIAL network.

Overall the experience hasn’t left me feeling like I’ll bother in the future. Apparently the first million users get it free. If I were you I’d download it and sign so that you get it free – then not bother unless it becomes popular.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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