Hyperbolic Cacaonut Hot Chocolate

Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

When I saw a picture of Hyperbolic Nutrition’s dairy-free hot chocolate on Ramona from Eat, Sketch, Love’s Instagram, not only did I stare at it for ages because it was such a pretty picture (seriously, you MUST follow her), and also because finally SOMEONE had figured out that it is all well and good making hot chocolate with dairy-free milk but most of the time there is milk in the powder too.

There are loads of reason’s many of us choose to be dairy-free divas. Mines medical and what’s more frustrating about that than being vegan is that some dairy products are absolutely fine for months or even years then one day out of nowhere I’ll be in agony for days after eating or drinking it. For the most part I do live a dairy-free lifestyle so it always excites me when I find a good product.

Where can I buy dairy-free hot chocolate?

You can get this online and as the website describes “Cacaonut is a dairy and sugar free chocolate alternative, infused with the amino acid L-Glutamine. Use Cacaonut as a hot chocolate (just add hot milk), sprinkle on your smoothies, yogurt or porridge. Or bake tasty, healthy treats!”

When Hyperbolic saw my comment and realised that I was a dairy-free diva myself they offered to send me some hot coconut to try out. I was so lucky with the day it came. In all of the snow last week my trains were not cancelled outright, just severely delayed and running at a really reduced service. Ever the optimist each day I still tried to get into my office. Despite the fact that my company is so totally understanding, the old place I used to work for definitely were NOT and not being able to get in still triggers my anxiety. I ended up getting chucked off of the overground halfway there then on another train and stuck on it so I turned around and came back. It was either spend hours trying to get into the city or be home in 40 mins and set up at home on the laptop. Idiot I am – this was also the day I had forgotten my debit card.

I don’t live far from the station, but that fifteen minute walk seems an awful lot longer when you are walking in an actual blizzard. Shortly after I arrived and defrosted myself the door knocked, and there stood a dedicate Royal Mail postman with my Cacaonut Hot Chocolate. Perfect timing.

Because I wanted to try it immediately I went ahead and used Ramona’s recipe and enjoyed a cup while I read my Times. It isn’t as chocolatey has normal hot chocolate, but this is something that impressed me. I find hot chocolate very sickly and I certainly wouldn’t be able to drink a normal one during the day time. What I really liked about it was that even though it is sugar-free it was still just the right amount of sweet. Basically it still feels like you are having a treat when you drink it. It also has turmeric in it which is really good for you and you can barely taste it. The cinnamon gives it a wonderfully warm flavour as well’. I actually prefer this to hot chocolate if I am being honest. Surprisingly it also contains 230% of your RDA of iron. 

The perfect vegan hot chocolate.

My hot chocolate routine is usually before bed so at first I was a bit like “hmmmmm do I want to drink all of this goodness then go to sleep?”, but obviously when you sleep is when your body goes to work preparing everything for you so why not?! The great thing is because it does have so much in it that is good for you it doesn’t make you feel lethargic and sleepy, and you can enjoy it any time of day.

For anyone vegan, dairy-free, dieting or anyone who just fancies an alternative, I’d seriously give this a try. Also, it’s only £7.99 which is SERIOUSLY reasonable for a ‘free from’ product.

You can follow Hyperbolic Nutrition on Instagram here.


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