Oxford Street Falafel

Oxford Street Falafel

Like many of you, there are loads of different things I miss about my normal life. Despite the fact I used to moan daily about my lengthy Essex to White City commute, I never realised how much I would miss it once it was taken away from me. Not only did I miss the buzz of working in the office, but I also missed wandering around London buying food and drink, which, as you can tell from this blog, is quite a huge part of my life. 

So once UK lockdown laws were relaxed, I decided to take myself on a little adventure. I decided to take a trip to Oxford Street as I wanted to get some bits from Selfridges. The good thing is, there are not a significant amount of changes required to get here from Essex. Just one overground, one underground. 

Is Oxford Street Falafel, open?

You will be incredibly pleased to know, the majority of the street food stalls in Oxford Street are open. Selfridges opened at 11 am, and I got there at 10.30 am and Mr Falafal was open before I got there. I’m not sure of their exact times, but I reckon it’s safe to say they are probably open around the same times as all of the shops, which are 10 am to 11 pm.

What is Falafel’s menu like? 

Mr Falafal’s menu is quite basic, being a busy street food stall. The good thing is the few things they do, they do perfectly. Oxford Street Falafel is the place where I have experienced the best falafel I have ever eaten. Granted, I’ve never been to any Middle-Eastern countries and tried their cuisine, but it is up there in the UK as the best falafel. You can either choose to have them with tahini or hummus, or you can have halloumi with either of these. I don’t personally like tahini or hummus, so they swapped me with some halloumi. 

What are the prices like at Oxford Street Falafel?

The majority of things on the menu were between £4 and £5. The serving sizes are quite large, so you do get good value for money. You’ll find most street food in London is priced at around £5, so there isn’t any particular price different just because it is in Oxford Street.


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