So, What are the Rules About Restaurants?

Restaurant Rules UK

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If you love eating out, you have probably been eagerly awaiting last weekends rule-change amid coronavirus that allows restaurants to open. There is only so much making your own pasta you can do before you start to crave a decent carbonara. But as much as we have all been hotly anticipating the re-opening of restaurants and pubs, they are going to look a LOT different to what we are used to. I’ve run down a few of the main change you can expect to see.

You will need to book

With spaces being limited, it goes without saying that it will be highly unlikely you will be able to walk in to a restaurant and get a table. If you are going to walk in off of the street, you’ll likely be made to wait in a designated area so that you are not in a queue less than one mere away from people. There are plenty of online restaurant booking services you can use to find out which one near you has the best availability.

Hygiene will be a HUGE factor 

Government guidelines state that restaurant need to be serious about hygiene. Expect an increase in hand-washing stations, signage asking customers to wash or sanitise their hands, and potential measures in toilets to mitigate the risks of people queuing. People will also be reminded they can only come to restaurants with people from their own households. Condiments will be swapped for packets rather than bottles and masks will be encouraged in communal areas. Waiters will also be required to wipe surfaces frequently.

Public transport is preferred

Restaurants are being asked to work with local authorities to ensure that people can arrive by public transport, for instance having ample space to lock up bikes, etc. Although the use of public transport is still strongly discouraged, it does seem that trains and busses are getting busier with non-essential journeys.

Inside the restaurants

Over the last few weeks you may have seen the bits of perspex separating self-service checkouts at the supermarkets. Restaurants will be encouraged to have these same screens. There will be no live performances, and play areas will be closed. You will also ALWAYS get served at a table (which isn’t a bad thing), as paying at the bar and ordering drinks is out. One way systems will be encouraged, as well as contactless payments.

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