Pasta Making With Sous Chef

*Sous Chef provided me with a free pasta making kit in return for this content.

I love cooking, but it is such a rarity that I get the time I always forget how much I love it, until I start cooking. When the opportunity came up to review a pasta cooking kit I was really keen. I always make my own pasta sauce, but I’ve never made my own pasta. You require a very small amount of ingredients to make pasta, but as I learned, getting it thin enough can be fairly tricky. The Sous Chef pasta making kit makes it really convenient to get started. I filmed a Youtube video for this one as well, as the last video I made was the one I made all about my trip to the Philippines a while back.

What is included in the Sous Chef pasta making kit?

Sous Chef pasta cooking kit has everything you need to get yourself started on your journey to being a pasta ninja. The items you get in the pasta making kit are:

semolina flour

“00” flour

pasta rolling pin

pasta cutter

recipe book


Pretty much everything you need there to make a little start or first attempt at making your own pasta. I decided I wanted to make tagliatelle as it works really well with a cheese sauce, which was what I was making to go with my home-made tagliatelle.

How easy is the Sous Chef pasta cooking kit to use?

Pasta is quite easy to make, in theory. The only ingredients you need are eggs (side note: get eggs as they are not included), and flour. But the process is quite tricky when it comes down to it. The pasta cooking kit is a great resource, as the book goes into quite a bit of detail. You need to break the eggs into a well you have made in the flour, and then mix this slowly to form a dough. I have to admit, this is the bit I thought I would struggle with. As you can see from my Youtube video, I get really stressed out when I am breaking eggs. Then you have to do the mixing slowly and I can assure you I have never done anything slowly in the entirety of my life. But that part actually went quite smoothly. The issue I had was getting the pasta flat enough to be considered proper tagliatelle. Unfortunately I didn’t have a rolling pin, so it was a bit of a challenge.

How did the pasta come out?

I’ll level with you; it was far too thick. It cooked through and we ate it, and it tasted nice, but it was definitely too thick. But one of the things I really liked about this set is that there was loads of flour in there, so you will get loads of pasta making out of it. I’m going to have another go soon, and I am going to try and make Ravioli. I’ve got my eye on a pasta roller as well, so if anyone wants to buy me one for my birthday feel free!

If you want to know how it came out, you’ll have to watch my pasta making Youtube video.












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