Blue Rock Beach Resort Review

Blue Rock Beach Resort

*I visited Blue Rock Beach Resort as a paying customer


As I’ve mentioned on my social media, I have family in the Philippines so I visit fairly often. It doesn’t escape me how incredibly lucky I am to have somewhere to stay in this beautiful country, and I get to experience what day to day life is like there because I stay with family. One of the things we always do when I come to the Philippines is visit Blue Rock. I have definitely mentioned Blue Rock in Olongapo before but I haven’t ever written it’s own separate review, which is a shame, because it deserves one. It is really easy to book Blue Rock Beach Resort as well which is an added bonus.

Where is Blue Rock Beach Resort?

Blue Rock sits next to Baloy Beach in Olongapo. Olongapo is next to the famous Subic Bay, which used to be a US naval base. Now that the base is no longer active, the area of Subic and Olongapo have become popular tourist destinations. Blue Rock itself is right on the beach and there are even certain rooms where you can walk out of the front door and be on the beach. The beach itself affords lovely views of the mountains. If you book through Qatar Airways you can get a flight into Clark and then a bus to Olongapo.


What are the rooms like at Blue Rock Beach Resort?


I love the rooms at Blue Rock Beach Resort. They are, as one of mine and my pals favourite sayings goes, simple, yet effective. If you’v travelled about the Philippines a bit, you’ll probably be really grateful for the warm shower. I’ll be posting a video on my Youtube soon that shows you how close the rooms are to the actual beach, so make sure you subscribe  so that you don’t miss it. There are a few different levels of room available and I have stayed in two. The first time I visited, I stayed in the Blue Rock Junior Suite. This was a lovely experience, and the room opened out to a patio that was ON the beach. The view from the room was amazing, but one thing you will have to deal with is that the patio is completely undercover because Filipinos don’t like being tanned.

The Junior Suite was gorgeous. I’d recommend it for one night as a treat, or if you are travelling with a friend or as a couple. If you are on your own, it’s pretty big and you could probably use your PHP eating all the food or drinking all the wine.

Another room I have stayed in twice now at Blue Rock Beach Resort is the Blue Rock Beach Resort standard beach front room. This still has a pretty big bedroom and bathroom and is perfect for one or two people. If you are staying a while the reasonable price of this room will not let you down. Neither will the view, here is my picture from the window from 2016…

(The view form the window. Long old walk to the beach that)


What is there to eat and drink at Blue Rock Beach Resort?


One of the things I love the most about this place is the Blue Rock Beach Resort bar and restaurant, which is open 24 hours. My drinking days are over now since I gave up alcohol for my anxiety, but being able to get food any time is pretty great. The menu at Blue Rock Beach Resort is pretty extensive. You can get traditional Filipino food like Sizzling Sisig. The have a huge BBQ section and they BBQ every night. They have shepherd’s pie. They have pastas. They have a menu devised of pages and pages for food and drink, and the best thing is the majority of the items are also available on the room service menu. Another one of my favourite things about this hotel is coming up in the next section.


What is the room service menu/minibar like at Blue Rock Beach Resort?


First of all can I just say how weird it is that no matter what one of the far flung corners of this world you go to, you ALWAYS get a Toblerone in the hotel minibar. Another thing I love about this hotel is the fact the room service doesn’t cost any extra. In this country you get charged a ridiculous tray charge. None of this happens in Blue Rock, and you can get the majority of the menu delivered to your room with no extra charge. This fared me well when we took our trip in 2016 when I got sunburn, went bright red and was to embarrassed to go and meet my Aunty and Uncle in the restaurant. Funnily enough, there are no pictures of that haha.


Would I recommend Blue Rock?


Absolutely. Blue Rock is a great place to stay and I visit every time I go to the Philippines. You can book here:


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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