Easy Gratin Dauphinois Recipe

Gratin Dauphinoise

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How do I Make Dauphinois?

Potato or “gratin” dauphinois is one of my favourite meals. You can either have this dauphinois as a side or as a full meal, depending on how much you eat. My personal preference is to split it out among ramekins an have them accompany a well-cooked steak. I am going to share with you the simple and quick recipe I use.


You will need a good casserole dish like this casserole dish. You will also need a slotted spoon, this does not have to be expensive. You can have one that only cost you £2 like this slotted spoon.


500g cream single or double

3 x garlic cloves

500g of milk

Grated cheese (grate to taste)


  1. Start by pre-heating the oven. Put it on 200 dregrees
  2. Cut the garlic cloves from the garlic. Take the three cloves and crush them slightly with your hand.
  3. Peel the potatoes finely and put them on to boil just to soften them. Boil them for just under five minutes.
  4. While you are boiling them, add the rest of the ingredients aside from the grated cheese into a sauce pan and bring to the boil. Use a spoon or a colander to remove the cloves of garlic, ad the flavour should have cooked into the sauce.
  5. Drain the potatoes.
  6. Layer the casserole dish with layers of potato and pour the cream and milk mixture in-between the potatoes.
  7. Put the cheese you have grated on the top. Any cheese will work, but Gruyere cheese is often used for this.
  8. Bake this in the oven for around one hour on


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