Fonts for the Perfect Food Blog Post

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*This post is a sponsored post for font bundles. It contains a sponsored link whereby the company paid me to use this link in the text. 

If you have ever used a recipe website like BBC Food, you’ll notice that although the recipes are good, the pictures and imagery are more than a little dull. This is one of the reasons more people are turning to food blogs to get their recipes. One of the ways you can cash in is by creating a popular recipe with some great imagery that draws in the reader. Posts of this kind are often more popular the more simple they are. There are so many great things you can do around food. It is an unlimited source of content. Many food bloggers now also rely on tools like social media to publicise their blogs. Instagram and Snapchat stories are a great way to do short, sharp recipes. Having a lot of time at home means you can experiment and cook more, so this is a great time in general to have a food blog.

If you write a food blog and you are looking for some inspiration for your layout, there are a few options you might consider.

Text over the finished food

Font Bundles

Sometimes there might be instances where you can only share one photo. As well as several blog layouts only allowing you to have one picture, this method also works well for Instagram and Twitter. Bold, simple fonts always work well on this type of recipe imagery. This is also a technique that works on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place for cooking content as food tends to be naturally photogenic in general. The final product should be written on the food picture so that people can tell what it is. That might sound silly, but if you are photographing something from above that has cheese on top, there could be anything underneath. Pictures shot from above tend to be very popular with people who read food blogs. I like these pictures myself because they are very neat and tidy.

Step by step posts

Font Bundles

Step by step posts are a great medium for Instagram or Facebook stories or Snapchats. You can use  freebies fonts to do this, to make your step by steps stand out from other bloggers. Using specific fonts on a step by step post will make your cooking storey stand out from any other content. Clear and concise fonts work the best here, because there may well be people following along and trying to cook the dish as well. There is also the option for you to tie the steps posts together to make a Youtube step by step video. If you are not verbally explaining the instructions of how to cook the dish, you can use a free font to write at the bottom of each image what the step is and how to do it.

Youtube thumbnails

free fonts

I think we’ve all stood and filmed a cooking vlog or a “cook with me” post and imagined having our own cooking show. People tend to veer towards the visual when it comes to content, so fonts can be used to make your thumbnail stand out. Imagine how many cooking videos there are for things like shepherd’s pie and spaghetti bolognese? These fonts do not need to be necessarily as clear and concise as a step by step or a story post, so you can afford to be a little bit adventurous here. This is also a good opportunity to play around with some bold colours, as Youtube thumbnails tend to be a bit “in your face”.

The actual recipe

If your website allows, you might consider using a free font to write your recipe. As soon as a user clicks on your link, they will instantly judge your blog by how pretty it looks. This is also why the images are so important. If you have a good enough image at the top of your blog post, people will stay on your page and continue to read. Make sure the image isn’t too big though, or too covered in ads. This will turn many people off of a website instantly.

Where should I get my freebie fonts?

Free fonts are easy to find if you look in the right places. Font Bundles is a good place to start as they have loads of free fonts and you don’t need to provide a huge amount of personal details to register. You can also upload your fonts to design tools like Canva, which is incredibly helpful.


One response to “Fonts for the Perfect Food Blog Post”

  1. This is such a helpful post – I don’t tend to post many recipes but your points about overlaying the text on the photo is spot on. I’ll have to head over to Font Bundles for a browse – even better that you can use them in Canva too 🙂 Lisa


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