How to Brand Your Food Blog

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Writing a food blog is the perfect outlet for anyone who has a strong passion for all things food, but might just fall short of a career being a gourmet chef. One of the reasons I love blogging about food is that you get to eat it and I also get to share quite a lot of my favourite recipes with all of my readers. But anyone reading this thinking that all you need to do if you run a food blog is to eat things and write about them would be incredibly incorrect. So much work goes on behind the scenes with a food blog. Recently I wrote a post touching on how you can use different fonts to make your food pictures stand out. In this post, I will be going through a few tips on how you can brand your food blog. If you take just that one step further from a food blog by turning it into a brand, you’ll get a lot more blogging opportunities, traffic and ultimately you’ll probably enjoy your blogging experience a lot more.

Think about your favourite food

It’s unlikely that one single food will ever provide you with enough content for an entire food blog, but you can still incorporate what your favourite food is and market yourself as a particular expert of this food. The ideal scenario would be that when someone is looking for a recommendation for a certain type of cuisine, they pick your blog because they associate you with that cuisine. One of my favourite foods is the very basic (but very tasty) fried chicken. I have a whole section on my blog called “tried chicken” which is specifically for this food. Creating a separate category for one food alerts your reader to the fact you eat it a lot and you might be the best person to go to for advice on it in a certain area.

Create a logo

Many people will tell you that a logo is the most important thing you’ll need to create a brand, and they would be more or less right. Although there are a number of things that are important when you are creating a brand, a logo is one of them. You can use websites like DesignBundles to make a mockup logo to see what it is like. You don’t necessarily need to overdo your logo by using it on every post. You can just use it on your blog theme or header and then put it in other places that feel appropriate down the line. Another benefit to creating a logo early is that if you look to sell printed merchandise to your fans down the line, you’ll already have something designed.

Think about your average reader

When you think about your average reader, the idea you might have of who they are and who is actually reading your blog could be completely different. Start by going through your blog stats and then look through your social media followers and ask yourself a few questions like “how old is my average follower?” and “which tow or city does my average follower live in?” and most importantly, what content they are consuming. The more you understand about your audience holistically, the more you can create content that is intended to resonate with them.

Schedule regular interaction

One of the best things about writing a food blog is how easy it is to write content that is useful to people. Things like restaurant reviews and recipes are frequently searched for using search engines, and even people that do not have a particular interest in food probably Google at least a few recipes per year. A good way to help with branding your food blog is to move that usefulness from your written content to your social media channels. Also, people love regularity, so make this a regular thing and it will quickly become associated with your food blogs “brand”. There are a number of ways you can do this. Perhaps you will release a recipe on a certain day each week, and then always do a live Q&A session a couple of days after so that you can see how your readers have go on with making the dish. Or, you could set aside a time to eat the food you are an “expert” on once a week and rotate through different places so that your followers always get new content.


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