What is in my Fridge?

What's in my Fridge?

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If I have learned one thing about my lovely blog readers throughout the lockdown, it’s that you are all nosy bastards. Only kidding. I’ve recently been doing some giveaways to grow my Twitter account and I’ve built a community of really nice, kind, engaging people. Something I promised myself I would do more when I changed my blog from a lifestyle blog to a food blog was to ask on my various social media account what content you guys want to see. Imagine. Writing content for the readers instead of me. Haha, only joking again. I like to think you like reading my posts because I like writing them so much. I’ve also noticed how much I need new plates since I started taking more pictures of my food so watch this space! 

So, onward to the serious business of, what is in my fridge?

Party sausages

I’m a savoury kinda gal. As much as I enjoy chocolate at “that time of the month”, the rest of the time I LOVE savoury like party food and crisps. I’m not sure how buying cocktail sausages without a cocktail party to accompany them started, but it is now a tradition to get party sausages on shopping day. Because let’s face it, shopping day is like a party day.


So the party food niche continues. I enjoy quiche. Quiche Lorraine is the best one for me. Simple, yet effective. A lot of people don’t like quiche because of the texture, and I get that, I do, but it is SOOOOOOO tasty. The texture doesn’t come into it for me. Also, eggs are a great source of protein so if anything, quiche is healthy.

Starbucks Skinny Latte

Is there anything better on a hot day than an ice-cold latte? Well yes. Sitting at the Anemos beach bar in Greece with an ice-cold latte. But seeing as that is out until 2021, a Skinny Latte iced coffee it is. I’m not sure how many calories are in the skinny one because I never look because I refuse to acknowledge that the thing keeping me awake is also the thing making me fat.

Mango juice

One of the most repetitive conversations I have with my Mum is the old “where has all of your money gone?” chestnut. What my Mum, who has never worked or lived in London, doesn’t understand, is that you only have to sneeze and you have spent a tenner. One of my little extravagances is a daily hotshot from Pret. I can’t remember how much they are now but I think they are easily £2 per day. The reason I liked them is that they apparently kick-start your metabolism and they also wake me up. It was one of a few little things I’ve been missing from my morning routine going up to the office, so when I found out we were not returning until 2021 I decided to make them at home. They are super easy, all you need is:

All you need to do is pour out a shot of the juice and mix one teaspoon of each ingredient into the juice. Then shot it.


For anyone that thinks it is weird to keep potatoes in the fridge, I don’t disagree with you, but they do last longer in there in the summer months when the UK gets quite warm. Potatoes are pretty much one of my favourite foods. Mashed potato with cheese and mustard is number one on my top ten things to with potatoes. If you have read my easy Gratin Dauphinoise recipe you’ll know it is the joint top spot with mashed potato.

Steak and Mince

As you would have heard me banging on about it on my social media channels, I have endometriosis which makes me severely anaemic. And I don’t mean that they just sent me away with the advice to eat some more iron. One of the other levels is meant to be between 130 and 180 and mine were 89. Currently, I am taking liquid iron but it doesn’t hurt to eat some iron where I can. My Mum is a vegetarian who hates touching meat and she’s been cooking bolognese and steak for me when I’ve been too unwell. 


Ain’t even mine mate.

Pasta for Ron

Whenever I do dinner, I make some for me, and some for Ron. Later Ron. Seriously though, is there a knack to measuring out pasta or spaghetti? My friend has a spaghetti measuring tool which looks super handy but I have never used it. When this picture was taken I had last night’s spicy tomato pasta was being saved in the fridge for today’s lunch. I cheated and used an Asda spicy sauce which was just like standard Arrabiata sauce, tomato-y and a bit of a kick. 

Fresh orange and mango

For my aforementioned “hot shot”. I do think it is a bit mad you can buy stuff like the coffee syrup from Pret but not the hotshots.

Diet Coke

O.K I have an admission to make: I will only drink cans of coke. I’m sorry but bottles go far too flat. It’s one of my little extravagances in life and I won’t make any apologies for it. I very rarely drink any more than one per day.

Salad vegetables

My Mum eats pretty healthy food, and I enjoy it myself. My favourite salad vegetable is tomatoes, little sweet cherry ones. I also like peppers and think that a little side salad made with peppers and cut finely with a salad knife gives any meal a lot more depth. If you are anything like me as well, you will NEED a salad spinner before you even think about putting your salad on your plate. 

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