Prezzo, Lakeside

Prezzo, Lakeside

One of the things I wanted to do when I changed the direction of my blog to focus on food was to make sure I reviewed places to suit all budgets. Food critics really do not go out of their way very often to ensure their reviews are inclusive. So taking that into consideration, I decided to do a review on Prezzo, Lakeside. Prezzo is on “The Boardwalk”, which is a row of restaurants that sit on a pier over the lake. We booked this rather than wait around because eating out during a pandemic is quite obviously different from the norm. 

What’s on the menu at Prezzo?

Prezzo is an Italian restaurant so as you can imagine the menu is loaded with pasta and pizza. We eat pasta quite a lot at home, so my Mum and I both decided we would have a pizza. I went for a Tre Gusti which had pepperoni, chicken and pancetta on it. Mum doesn’t eat meat so she just had a basic cheese and tomato pizza.

What’s the food like at Prezzo?

The pizzas we got were both huge. We didn’t even order the large pizza and one still would have been enough for both of us. I also ordered some fries and garlic bread on the side. I like getting pizzas at Italian restaurants because the bases are always thin. There is nothing worse than getting a pizza that is 90% bread. All of the food was really nice, but the garlic bread was my favourite, and it had cheese on which always adds a little bit of value for me.

What is the atmosphere like at Prezzo, Lakeside?

Prezzo in the middle of a shopping centre is never going to be empty, is it? We didn’t go Monday to Wednesday so it wasn’t even during “Eat out to help out”, and it was still busy. But you could easily argue the point that social distancing has done everyone a favour because the tables were quite far apart. Even though it was busy, it still felt like you were relatively far away from the next table. I was very impressed by the aspect of social distancing being adhered to this closely.

Would I go back to Prezzo?

I would 100% go back to Prezzo. Some food bloggers look down their noses at chain restaurants, and I really can’t see why. Prezzo serves decent, well-cooked food at very reasonable prices. 

A meal for two with two sides and 4 soft drinks cost £39.


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