Five Fun Food Facts About Me

My favourite food in the whole world is… Fried chicken.

Or if you want to be particular about it, Jollibee Fried Chicken that you can get in the Philippines. As I proved on my vlog, it IS more fun in the Philippines, and the food is good too. If the Philippines is my favourite country, Jollibee is my favourite take away. There is one in Earl’s Court I can get to in my lunch break and they have just opened one in Shoreditch. Do you know what my big secret is to frying chicken? I use a REALLY GOOD WOK. Now I am gluten-free, I have to change up my recipe a bit, so I will keep you all posted on my “food” section.

The food I would cook to impress someone is… Coq au Vin.

Coq au Vin is a French chicken stew made with red wine. To put my own little twist on, instead of using a whole chicken on the bone I do a chicken breast for each person. Not a huge amount of effort goes into making it but it is delicious! If you want to cheat though, you can buy the sauce.

The place I like best for eating out on holiday is…. The Philippines.

You guys must be so bored of all of the content about travelling to the Philippines but I obviously just love it don’t I? The cuisine there is a mishmash of a few things. You’ll find elements of influence from America, Thailand, Spain and many others. They have a huge Korean cuisine and Australian cuisine markets out there too.

One food I hate but everyone else loves is...Mayonnaise. 

It is absolutely grim and if you like it you are a wrong-un. Even the smell puts me off. I hate it so much.

I got misdiagnosed as coeliac and went GF for six months

I had have to have a gluten-free diet. It wasn’t the easiest to get used to, but I thought, it’s certainly better than being run-down and anaemic all of the time!

However, after a more recent 11 week stay in hospital, I have now found out it is an IBD. I’m sure I will keep you all updated on how the diet for that goes.

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One response to “Five Fun Food Facts About Me”

  1. Marie rose Simeon Avatar
    Marie rose Simeon

    I love JOLIBEE too and I miss eating there


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