Socially Distanced Dating: Keeping up With the new Rules

*This post was written in collaboration with Date Cumbria Singles

The lockdown has been a stressful time for all of us, and now that things are starting to ease off a bit, we’re having to roll with some changes to our new normal. I’ve been single all through lockdown and one nice thing is that there is a guy I have been speaking to for nearly the whole thing. We’ll see where it goes but you very rarely get to talk to people that much before they pressure you into a meeting. And that’s what I love about dating. Say for example you are in Cumbria dating site, you find a nice guy on their site, you are not too sure but he wants to meet. Well, the only place you can go from there is meeting or stopping talking, there is no in-between. Coronavirus has given us the gift pushy boys on internet dating don’t want to: the gift of time. So what are my tips and ideas for dating during Aunty Rona’s reign?

Watch a film 

The most recent advice was to not gather outside in groups of more than 6, so a big step back basically. What this says for the local Cumbria pubs and Cumbria cinemas, anybody is yet to guess but it certainly does look like dating in the outside world is a going to become a “no go” again at least once. How do I mean watch a film? Simple. Put the same film on at the same time and watch it together so you can talk about it. That’s about as close as you can get during a pandemic. 

Getting to know you quiz

This is probably one of my finer ideas. Even if you find someone you do like chatting to, keeping the conversation alive through an entire pandemic can be challenging. Talking every day is great and it is exciting but eventually, you might run out of things to talk about. Challenge each other to write 10 “getting to know you” questions in advance and set up a call the answer them for each other. You can have things like “what was your favourite lesson in school?” and “what item of clothing did you LOVE as a child?”.

Make use of GOOD dating sites

Not that I will name any names, but be honest “swipe style” dating sites are not something I think will lead to long-term love. Websites like have got a bit more about them (I think) when it comes to finding people that are matured and possibly looking for something long-term. If you are into dating just for fun then plenty of sites will help you there, but look into the sites that ask a bit more about you if you are looking for love. If someone takes the time to make a detailed profile they sound like they would be interested in something more than a one night stand. If you are on a short-term wavelength there are plenty of “adult fun” websites you can use for that too.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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