Dating in Your Dwelling: How to Cope with Socially Distanced Dates

*This post was written in collaboration with date Aberdeen singles.

With certain locations going back into lockdown, it can be a worrying thought that a second national lockdown is on the way. Although the rules only state you are allowed no more than six people at the moment, this could all change if the number of Covid-19 cases increases. Many people chose to put relationships on the back-burner during the lockdown, but now that we are faced with the prospect of more restrictions, people are trying new ways of dating to save being lonely during these worrying times. Luckily, there are several tips I can give to you for dating during a lockdown. 

Find a date online

The first thing you will want to do is find a date. Free dating sites like Aberdeen dating site are a great start when you want to find like-minded singles in your area. Because there is noting much else to do during a lockdown, it is likely that there will be an increased number of users on certain dating sites. One of your main priorities for online dating should be to ensure that you have an up-to-date profile and up-to-date profile picture. 

More time for talking

Some people might not be comfortable meeting up with strangers during a pandemic, and let’s face it the rules are pretty confusing. This gives you a great excuse to keep the talking stage going for a bit longer than both of you would usually be used to. If feel safe and you would like to, you can take your messaging to another level by swapping social media or even numbers. Sometimes it can be best to extend the talking stage as you will already have things in common to talk about and “in” jokes to start a conversation. 

Think of some original dates

So you have got to the point where you have used a local dating site like and you have found someone you enjoy speaking to and would like to date. The trouble now is, where on earth can you go on a date? Although pubs and restaurants are open, they need to be booked quite far in advance if they are popular ones, and this again depends on your level of comfort with going to public places. Remember that everyone is at a different stage in the pandemic and ensure you are in tune with the needs of your date. If they are living with someone vulnerable it is unlikely they will want to go anywhere busy. Thankfully, there are some things you can do that do not put anyone at risk, including:

  • Skype dinner dates where you talk and order a takeaway
  • Nice walks (as long as the UK weather plays the game)
  • Picnics in the park
  • Skype or zoom quizzes, which are a great way to get to know someone

With all of the different technologies available today, you can still date fairly effectively during these uncertain times. And if you do meet the person you end up marrying during the Covid-19 crises, imagine what a great story that will be to tell!


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