Five Questions in OCTOBER

I’ve decided to do a monthly post to keep you all up to date on where I have been and what I have been eating. I am going to have a very boring month this month as I have been in hospital, but the hospital story is a bit of a laugh so you never know.

Where have you been?

I actually just came out of hospital. Full disclosure, they kept me in there for my mental health, because they thought I had taken an intentional overdose. What had actually happened was that my friend had recommended Promethazine for the sickness I was getting taking my iron liquid (I thought I was anaemic). Unfortunately, I don’t remember the first three days of being hospitalised,  but I was being so crazy and lashing out and trying to escape. Because I suffer from anxiety, a lot of people think I overdosed on promethazine on purpose. But I genuinely didn’t, I only took six! Because I was running around trying to escape, they sectioned me. I know I know, could all only happen to me!

What have I been eating?

I haven’t stopped eating M&S cheese straws. Of course, they are not as good as my Nan’s, who passed away some years ago. But they are GOOD. Currently I have stocked up on about six packets as they are amazing. They go down so easily.

What haven’t I been eating?

I go through phases with foods. Before I went into hospital I must of been having a little moment with cola bottles. As I have loads in the cupboard now. Cola bottles and sherbert double lollies are the order of the day now.

What is going to be coming this month?

There is going to be a lot more of me COOKING on the Youtube channel this month. Even though I didn’t mean to harm myself but this is still a good way for me to take a step back and take stock of what I am doing at the moment. Food is my passion.

What WON’T be coming up this month?

I have to admit, I won’t be rushing myself to put out content. Everyone I see is smashing their content so much at the moment I do have a bit of imposter syndrome this month as I see everyone really excelling at their blogs, but alas, I am in no rush.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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