What are the Restaurant Rules in my Tier?

Restaurant Rules Tier

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Let’s be honest: whatever your political affiliation, Boris has made it pretty confusing with his new “tier” system. I genuinely didn’t have a clue what my tier, tier 2 meant for eating out. So I’ve tried to decipher the government garble and explain what the rules are for restaurants and pubs in your tier.

Restaurant rules in tier 1

Confusingly, tier 1 is “medium” risk. Any areas designated tier 1 have the lockdown rules we were starting to get used to a little earlier this year. it goes without saying for all of the tiers, that you have to wear your facemask in public areas, except when you are sitting down to eat food (so the toilets, bar etc).

For anyone meeting indoors or outdoors, the rule of six must be followed in tier 1 areas. Under tier 1, all pubs and restaurants should be closed at 10pm, and if they do not close they pretty much risk a fine. If the restaurant/pub serves food, they can have a takeaway or delivery service that is open past 10pm.

Their is also an understanding that businesses will operate in a Covid-19 secure manner. This basically means one way systems, extra hand hygiene and people wearing masks in “communal” areas.

Restaurant rules in tier 2

Tier 2 is where the restrictions on gatherings get a bit stricter. You are not able to meet anyone outside of your household in any public setting. So although you can go to a restaurant and sit with strangers, unfortunately you can’t meet up with your mates.

Mixing with other households is, however, accepted in outdoor settings. The winter weather is setting in pretty quickly, so you might want to make the most of that beer garden ASAP before you have to stand freezing your tits off.

Tier 2 also means people should reduce the number of journeys they make. I’m not sure where you would stand on travelling to a restaurant in a car, or whether that would be deemed “essential” or not. As with the other tiers, on tier 2 restaurants and pubs must close at 10pm.

Restaurant rules in tier 3

Tier 3 areas have a high level of infection, so the restrictions are a little more severe. Pubs and bars will need to remain closed unless they serve food as a “substantial” meal. The jury is still out on what people class as substantial. Alcohol can be severed as part of a meal.

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People cannot mix ANYWHERE. This means that unlike tier 2, you cannot go and meet up with your mates in an outdoor beer garden. Although you can’t mix in a public area, you can mix in a park, so maybe just grab a bottle of vodka and sit on a bench. The only people you can mix with in private areas is your support bubble.

People are being advised not to travel outside their local area unless necessary, so you can’t just nip to the restaurant in the next town because you fancy it. If pubs and bars are allowed to stay open, they will of course close at 10pm.



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