Find a Local Date in the Pandemic

Kent dating

*This post was written in collaboration with Kent Dating Site

If you are single, the lockdown has probably salted your game a little bit when it comes to dating. with it looking likely that at the end of the current system we will go back into the tier system, it’s going to be difficult to find dates and go out on dates. Even with a vaccine on the horizon, people are still speculating that we have around 6 months left of restrictions until we can get “back to normal”. If you had a fulfilling and active dating life, there is no reason you cannot carry this on. Technology has given us several different ways to find dates, and you can date online by having Skype or Zoom calls until you can meet up in person. Maybe it will do you a favour and help you get to know someone better if you can’t meet up with them in person for a while. 

Finding a date in the pandemic – what about a “meet-cute”?

In the movies, when two characters meet for the first time and eventually fall in love, this is a “meet-cute”. now it’s fair to say the pandemic has pulled the nation together in some sense. I have found people a lot friendlier during these trying times. With limited options on meeting people, it’s not outrageously unreasonable to suggest you could meet the love of our life in the Sainsbury’s vegetable aisle. Open yourself up to being more confident and chatty will not only provide you with more options for meeting people, but it will also help you to feel a little bit less lonely in these trying times.

Finding a date in the pandemic – online dating

Online dating is so popular now, you will more than likely know someone that has met their partner online. Without being able to go out and meet people in bars and clubs, online dating becomes a lot more significant. The benefits of online dating are that you can describe exactly what you are looking for and you can match with people with similar interests. Local dating sites are usually a lot more successful than some of the national dating sites that match you to people miles away. So for example, if you are looking for Kent dating a local dating site will only match you to people in the area. 

Finding a date in the pandemic – get your friends to play matchmaker

Normal dating rules do not necessarily need to be cast out just because we are living through a pandemic. The truth is, we have ALL got at least one friend who loves to play matchmaker. The only thing that needs to be different is that instead of going on a blind date, you will probably start with some “blind messaging”. I always hear stories of how people met their other half through friends of friends. Spend some time looking through your suggested friends on social media, and if you see anyone you like to get the person you have in common to introduce you.


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