Finding Lockdown Love: How not to Give up Hope

*This post was written in collaboration with Love Manchester Singles.

This year has been HARD. It’s ok to admit that. One of the things I want to tell people on my social media all of the time is that it’s OK to mourn things that other people might not see as important that you have missed in 2020. Holidays, trips out, meeting up with friends: it’s all gone a bit wrong hasn’t it. Then there is dating. I think I speak for many other single people when I say dating has been near-on impossible this year. But one thing I will say, is there are things you can do to make dating work for you, even if your area is in the strictest lockdown. Coronavirus doesn’t need to be a dating death sentence. 

Keep positive

Have you ever heard the saying “Smile and the whole world smiles with you”? It sounds cheesy but it is true. If you are positive, it will shine through when you meet other people and it will keep your spirits up. Make sure you find yourself a good local dating site like Manchester singles to give you more chance of finding someone near you that you CAN meet up with when things go back to normal. Giving yourself a goal like that will help you to remain focused, and also you will have lots to talk about planning your potential date. Keeping positive will also put you in a better mood yourself, and you’ll be a lot more interesting to talk to.

Find workarounds 

One of the hardest things about dating during a worldwide pandemic is the fact that we have spent the majority of the time in lockdown and you can’t MEET the person you are talking to. Having no end in sight doesn’t help with this, but if you are keen to find love in lockdown then you can make alternative arrangements. Schedule in a video call and eat together or watch the same film or series. This gives you a chance to get to know the physical characteristics and mannerisms of the person you are dating, which is more important than people think.

Be realistic about where to find dates

Let’s be honest, travel between counties might not happen for a while. As much as dating apps are an absolute Godsend during the lockdowns, you also need to consider the fact that the “bigger” ones will match you to people who you might not be able to travel and meet for months and months. Find yourself a good local dating site, for example, Manchester dating if you are in Manchester. This puts the odds a lot more in your favour when it comes to meeting local people who you might have a fighting chance of meeting up with at some point soon. Even in most of the higher tiers, you can meet for a walk, so this is one of the reasons meeting someone who is just down the road is invaluable. 


One response to “Finding Lockdown Love: How not to Give up Hope”

  1. The Lone Ranger Avatar
    The Lone Ranger

    Interesting article. Now in my mid thirties, I could be identified as having given up a long time ago. It has to be acknowledged that there are all sorts of people out there, and that actually a few of us guys have been single pretty much all of our lives. I never dated in school or college even though I had many crushes on girls. I’ve always hated online dating and never got anywhere with it. I wound up having a brief encounter with a lady around the same age as me at Uni (in Manchester) when I was 24 but as hard as I tried I could not be relationship material for her. I’ve never had what you could consider a relationship since either. So for more introverted people like me, considering the dating arena is even harder!


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