How Dating Will Change in 2021

*This post was written in collaboration with Senior Derbyshire Dating

The pandemic has changed our lives, probably irreversibly. I work in London, and I was just discussing with my friends the fact that we always see a random person here of there on the tube in a mask and think it’s weird, but now I personally think they will become the norm (and more power to that to be honest, it will obviously help with other viruses spread by droplets). One of the things a lot of people have struggled with in the pandemic is dating. With constantly changing restrictions, no way to meet up with people in person, and being stuck in all of the time affecting people’s confidence, it’s no wonder dating is going through a bit of an overhaul. But how WILL dating change after the pandemic is over? It isn’t so far ahead now we have a vaccine.

Online dating will become the norm

Online dating is in it’s most popular time. Not only is online dating convenient anyway, but during the pandemic, it has been a lifesaver for anyone wanting to still have a full and active dating life. Even people who would not have been tempted by online are realising how convenient it is. The trick is, to find a good local dating site, like dating agency Derbyshire so that you know for a fact you will be matched with someone local. Unfortunately some of the “bigger” dating sites have terrible geo algorithms and you could be matched to someone you really like at the other end of the country.

Dating will become more virtual 

It’s going to be hard to get out of the habit of doing everything virtually. We’ve spent a year of our lives eschewing face to face meetings for Zoom and Teams calls. Although we have a vaccine now, it’s likely that it will take some months, and possibly even a couple of years before we are able to get back to what we call “normal”. So if you do meet someone on a site like Derbyshire dating site, there is nothing wrong with having the first couple of dates virtually. In fact, it might even be a better idea than having face to face dates. Let’s be honest, it is usually the first couple of dates you decide whether to take it further or not.

The whole dating process will become slower-paced

For my age, I’m incredibly old fashioned when it comes to dating. I’m very much not a “come back to mine” girl. In fact, I actually didn’t like my ex when I first met him, and we ended up being friends for months before we got together. Dating in this day and age is so rush rush. There’s a beautiful saying in Greece “slowly slowly”, which doesn’t actually mean slowly at all, it just means less. I’m hoping that the way we have all changed during the pandemic means dating slows down a bit in general. 


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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