Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Gamers

Gamer dating

*This post was written in collaboration with Gamers Dates

I don’t know if anyone remembers where they were and what they were thinking when we got put in the first lockdown in March. I know my initial thoughts were that this would be over in a few weeks, and scrolling through social media I can see I wasn’t the only one under that impression. Fast forward to now. We are just about to hit January 2021 and in another blog I have looked at how dating will change in general. Even though we have a UK approved vaccine, we still have to actually roll it out, which takes time. That’s why I think Valentine’s Day is going to be a virtual affair, and luckily for you or the gamer in you I have some great online date ideas for gamers.

A gaming quiz

The truth is, there are many different types of games and gamers. I’ve come across gamers who are into one game or one type of game, and I have come across gamers who ;love every single type of game, game and stuff to do with gaming. Whatever category you fall under, once you have looked at Gamers Dates gamer dating sites and found someone on there that appears to have similar interests, you know you at least have ONE thing in common. This means you have enough to go on to create a super-fun quiz for each other.

Have a game night

If you are both gamers then you might like to arrange a night where you play each others favourite game and talk about it on the phone or video chat. If you have the same favourite game then this will end up being a night of getting to know each other and how the other one plays different to you. One of the main attractions to using a site like is that you know you have a higher chance of meeting someone that understands your passion because they share it as well.

Do something that is COMPLETELY unrelated to gaming

Ok, so I know this post is about meeting people with the same gaming interest and what way you can construct dates during the pandemic where you can’t meet face to face, but hear me out on this one: why not take a break? You are inevitably going to spend most of your time talking about gaming, so this Valentine’s Day why not do something completely different to learn the “non-gamer” side of your date? My best idea on this one is to both mutually agree on a recipe and try to cook it together on video chat. Cooking dates when there isn’t a pandemic are really cute, so there is no reason you can’t recreate this with all of the technology that is available these days. I’ve actually had a video chat cooking date and it was hilarious because I managed to mess up carbonara which I can usually cook fine. But it gave us something to talk about on future dates!


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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