How to Find Senior Swingers

*This post was written in collaboration with swinging for Seniors

The swinging scene has undoubtedly taken a bit of a hit due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Although there are plenty of ways to meet likeminded people over 50, they are whittled down slightly now that there are so many Coronavirus restrictions up and down the country. As I write, London is in tier 4 and so is Essex where I live, but rather than there being an end in sight, unfortunately, it looks like the UK might have to apply more strict restrictions nationwide this coming January. This means that you’ll have to do a lot of your swinging, or at least the groundwork, virtually. Depending on your location and your potential matches location you might be used to doing the initial part of the swinging process online anyway, but I am going to let you in on a couple of “where to meet older swingers online” secrets.

Specific dating sites

The best way to meet other people with the same dating interests is to find a specific dating site for that interest. So if your dating interest is swinging you can just use a site like to find people that are also interested in swinging. The good thing about this is that you can be certain the person you are speaking to is into swinging as well. That saves a lot of awkward conversation down the line if you have met someone on a “normal” dating site and you are trying to gauge if they might be interested in swinging, which is quite hard. 

Social media groups

In keeping with the online theme, considering we still don’t really know what will happen with the pandemic, some groups on social media are dedicated to swingers. They might be a bit hit and miss for certain niches, like older swingers, but you can still certainly find people to strike up a conversation with. The only thing you need to be careful with on social media is how easy it is to set up an account. Many proper niche dating sites require quite a lot of information before you sign up, but the majority of the popular social media channels can be accessed with just an email address. It’s worth being vigilant against scams.

Real-life swingers meet-ups

When we start to get control of the virus, life will likely start going back to normal. If you are only just getting into swinging, you might be surprised at how many events there are local to you. The majority of these are advertised on social media, or sometimes even in the local papers. It might feel optimistic at the moment to say we are going to be able to start attending events again soon, but they are certainly worth mentioning as even if you don’t meet a romantic match, you might be able to start networking in the local swingers world and find out about more events being held in the area. 


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