My Food Year Resolutions

Christmas Cake

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We did it. I feel congratulations are in order. It’s been a tough year. I’m not going to go into how bad my year was. I’ll probably do a story time on my Youtube channel at some point to talk about being sectioned because I took a Promethazine overdose but here is not the time or the place. But I know EVERYONE has had a tough year so I am just starting 2021 on a positive. Instead of personal New Year resolutions, I’ve decided to write a post on some of the things I’d like to get done this year on my lifestyle and food blog.

Try more things to eat that I don’t think I will like

I’m one of those annoying people who will look at a certain food and be sure that I do not like it. By no means am I a fussy eater in general, but I should broaden my horizons a bit so that I can give a more rounded view on the food that is out there today. One food you would never catch me eating even if you held a gun to my head is mayonnaise. It is absolutely disgusting and if you like it, I judge you.

Film more videos and get better pictures

Food is a very visual thing, and for Christmas from my Mum I got a GoPro Hero 7. It was an amazing and unexpected present which means I have no more excuses not to film some recipe videos. I do have one recipe video on my channel, but I want to give my videos a lot more structure and put a lot more thought into them. The new camera also means I can get better pictures. I have an accessory kit and a new GoPro manual to be getting on with too!

Accept less sponsored posts

I’m sure all of you reading this know about sponsored posts and how bloggers make their money. I blog on the side as a hobby, so although extra cash is nice, I do have a full time job. Like many other bloggers with blogs at a similar level to mine, sometimes I can get pulled in by a sponsored post offer that I really know in my heart isn’t the right fit for my blog. I am going to be a lot more choosy in 2021 to make sure my readers are getting the best experience.

Try and find a way to do reviews

With restaurants being closed for the majority of the year, it’s been impossible to do reviews. I did manage to eat out at a Prezzo during Eat Out to Help Out, but in all honesty I think most businesses are going to be concentrating on staying afloat this year, and giving out freebies to bloggers definitely isn’t going to be high up on their list. I want to help small businesses in my area where I can, so I am going to try and review some places food using their take-away service. Then, when restaurants do open back up you’ll have to lowdown on which ones have the best roast potatoes.

Try some subscription boxes

One part of the food industry that has probably not taken too much of a hit is the wonderful world of subscription boxes. I’ve used a few beauty ones before but I have never used meal planning ones. I’m going to try some of the foodie subscription boxes out there like Hello Fresh and Gousto.

Do more baking

If you read my blog about the Big London Bake, you’ll know that baking isn’t exactly an expertise of mine. But do you know what? Practice makes perfect and I am going to take you all along for the ride on my baking adventures.


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