Food Memories

Food Memories

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I was a fussy eater when I was little. My God, I was bad. I didn’t try pizza until I was about ten years old. Literally, what kid does not like pizza? I didn’t try curry until I was about eleven either. When I was REALLY little, it sounds like I refused to live on anything other than spaghetti on toast. Over the years though, I’ve developed a bond with food, and I have certain things that trigger certain memories for me, so I thought I would let you in on what some of them are.

Custard tarts remind me of my Grandad

When I was younger, we had a big Co-Op in our town centre. It sold absolutely everything and spanned over three floors. The top floor had a café. My Nan and Grandad used to come to town every Saturday with my Mum and me, and they would inevitably buy me a new toy from Toys R Us. Then I would have a custard tart in the café with them and a cup of tea, at the grand old age of about five. My Grandad always used to have the same and I remember wanting to be like him. We’d all sit there without a care in the world while I looked at my new toy. I’ve lost both Nan and Grandad both now, but when I do look back I try to think of how lucky I was to be so close to them (they lived opposite all of my life too). Also, if you are ever going to try and make custard tarts at home, make sure you get the right cases because a Yorkshire tin does NOT work.

Frozen carbonara reminds me of my first season in France

Deep in the dark dark depths of the Nevez Carrefour, in the freezer section, you will find a monstrosity that is hard to make sense of. They sell (well maybe this was thirteen years ago) frozen BAGS of carbonara. No, I am not joking. It all came together in one massive block in a freezer bag, and you had to break a bit off to cook in a pan. Now, every time I eat carbonara I think of my season in France in 2008. I’d hands down say that summer was the happiest I have ever been in my life. Granted, I would no eat frozen bag carbonara now if you paid me. In fact, I take it so seriously I even have my own pasta maker to make my own pasta.

 Baklava reminds me of my season in Greece

As you can tell from this post, I got into season work for a few years. If you are reading my blog today and you are under twenty-five, can I just say DO A SEASON. Honestly, season work is so fun and it helps you to grow up and also you make friends for life. So Baklava reminds me of my season in Greece because of the awkward cake place. We WORKED on Sani Resort, one of the most beautiful resorts in the whole world, where Brad and Ange moored their boat into the marina to have dinner in one of the restaurants. Unfortunately, we LIVED in Nea Fokea, the most boring, sad, little town you will ever find in Greece.

There was ONE restaurant to go out to eat, and between to horrific food in the staff canteen and getting home so late, we ended up eating at this restaurant probably three times a week. The man who owned it was super nice, and he ALWAYS gave us freebies. The trouble was, he gave us a huge portion of cake, including very sickly Baklava, all of the time, no matter how much we had eaten for dinner. Even if we said we were full, it came over to us. Therefore, the restaurant got named “awkward cake” place. It got to the point where we concealed it and gave it to the various homeless dogs around the town.

Fried chicken, rice, and gravy reminds me of my three months in the Philippines

In 2012 I went through a particularly bad break-up. At the time, I was working for a care company who lost and hired staff like a revolving door, so I kind of knew my job was safe. So what did I do to get over my heartbreak? I went to the Philippines for three months to stay with my Uncle and Aunty. They very kindly gave me my own room at their house for three months and introduced me to all of their friends. Again, it was the best three months of my life, on par with the season in France. One of my food discoveries there was Jollibee. Everyone that knows me used to know my favourite song was “Flux” by Bloc Party, and now everyone that knows me knows I love Jollibee. Fried chicken has become one of the dishes I cook the most, and I even have my own fried chicken recipe I made up.

Cheese and pineapple hedgehogs remind me of old family parties

When I was a lot younger and my Nan and Grandad were younger and well, and my Uncle lived in the UK, we used to have some wicked family parties. I remember one once were my Mum’s cousin got her Uncle Al to smoke catnip hahaha. The cheese and pineapple hedgehog was the pièce de résistance of any late 80s or early 90s party.

What about all of you?

I thought it would be a fun idea to get some other people’s food memories that I can share in a post. Feel free to leave your own one in the comments.

Vienetta reminds Mel from HoneyBee Home of Saturday nights at her Nan and Grandad’s.

Does anyone else remember Saturday night TV just being so SO good when they were little? It’s not great now is it?

Tinned peaches remind Nat from of her Grandparents. Also fruit salad an evaporated milk.

What is it with Grandparents and evaporated milk? My Nan and Grandad used to love it as well. The only time I have ever purchased it is when I made fudge. Well, condensed milk, but I think they are the same thing!

Sea food pasta reminds Didi from of the tagliatelli alla frutti di mare in Florence.

I am absolutely ashamed to say I have never been to Italy, but you’d best believe if I ever went I would sample every single food I could.

Spaghetti Bolognese reminds Kate from of her family summer holidays to caravan parks as this is all she ever ordered when they went out to dinner.

Hear me out though, everyone has a safe meal. Mine is usually carbonara.

Crispy Pancakes remind Codie of of being about seven watching Hollyoaks with her Step-Dad while her Mum was at work.

I don’t actually mind Crispy Pancakes to be fair, an you still buy them?

Minted Lamb chops remind Chelle from of her grams because she made it every time she came home from uni.

My Nan loved lamb as well, I rarely eat it now which is a shame but my Mum will only eat chicken.

Rosie from actually thought her Nan invented curly fries.

You’ve got me wondering how they actually curl them now.

Thina from said Beef curry from the Chinese reminds her of her Dad because he would bring it home every Friday.

It’s weird how Chinese can become part of a family tradition isn’t it? We have a Chinese every year on Christmas eve without fail.

Bethany Jane from said Pizza reminds her of her Grandad

Bethany said she thinks this is weird but I definitely don’t and I am sure my readers won’t. Bethany always thinks of her Grandad because when he was about eighty they took him to the Pizza Hut in Bournemouth. She said it was really wholesome to watch him have a new experience, even at his age. Totally agree with you Bethany! That sounds like a beautiful moment. I’d love to see a picture if you have one?

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