New Year, New Home

*This post was written in collaboration with Three Counties Windows

2020 was a hell of a year. Something tells me that even when the Coronavirus vaccine gets distributed to everyone, and we are a few years down the line, we will still be talking about it. This once-in-a-lifetime event certainly gave me some pause for thought. My home, to me, has always been the place I slept and showered. Working in West London means that I leave at 7,20am and get home just before 8 pm. This means I eat, shower, and do it all again the next day. Due to such time constraints in the week, before the pandemic, I’d often just pitch up at a mates for the whole weekend. Then it just all…changed. My bedroom is now my office. I have no travel time to worry about so I have more time to appreciate my home and work on making it a better space going into 2021. I’ve already shared my food resolutions for this year, so here are my New Year resolutions for my home. 

Separate my office space more 

As I mentioned my office space is currently in my bedroom. My company were aiming for us to go back full time this January, which didn’t happen. For now, I am happy with my temporary office space, but I have the gut feeling that we might not ever actually go back to the culture of being in the office 7 days a week. If this is the case, and working from home is more permanent, I don’t want my sleeping and relaxing space to also be my office. If it does end up being the case that we work from home the majority of the time, I’ll probably look to invest in a conservatory so that I can have space well away from the other rooms of my house.

Get the windows done

We have pretty old windows, and again, our home just being the place we cooked, slept and washed meant that we had never really realised what effect that can have on the heating bills. With us being home all day working, the heating has gone on more and we’ve started to take notice of our energy bills a little bit more. A place like Three Counties Windows doesn’t just do run of the mill uPVC windows. Among the options, I have been looking at are triple glazing and uPVC coloured windows, which look spectacular. 

Have a “home audit”

As I have already mentioned, our windows are quite old, but there are also other things around the building that need doing. The roof will certainly need doing at some point, as you can see daylight peeping through some small holes in our loft. I don’t even want to think about how much energy that is wasting. That’s why I want to do a “home audit”. I want to just sit down and write down all of the stuff we need to do and how urgent it is. Even if I don’t get it done straight away, at least I’ll have an order to get things done in once I have the money. 


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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