Yes, You CAN Still Date During Lockdown

*This post was written in collaboration with Kent dating.

I don’t know how you all feel, but I feel like we have been in some kind of lockdown Hokey Cokey recently? one minute we’re in, one minute we’re out, then we’re encouraged to eat out, then we have to stay in the house at all times unless it’s urgent. Living like this puts a strain on a lot of things, and it can be hard on your mental health not to have certain distractions like seeing your friends or dating. The great thing is, there is an end in sight. Now that we have a vaccine, we should be able to start getting back to normal soon. So all you need to do is hang in there, and follow these tips for dating in the lockdown. 

Local dating sites are your friend

I won’t name any names, but the first time I registered for a very well-known dating site, I got matches for people miles away. While that might be fine when we are NOT in a pandemic, because I do actually work in the city and can meet people there, it’s not really helpful when we are living under restrictions. Look for something like a dating agency Kent to ensure you ONLY get matches from your area. Then if you do hit it off, you have a lot more chance of being able to meet as we slowly but surely get back to normal life.

Zoom calls are not just for the office

Have you ever started dating someone, and noticed little habits about them, like the way they nervously touch their face or something, that you find attractive? I think this is one of the main bits that gets missed when all dating becomes “virtual”. Now that we are nearly a year into this, seeing people’s faces is actually a massive novelty. If you are anything like me you spend as much time getting ready for a Zoom call as you do an actual date but still try to schedule some in with the person you are speaking to on a regular basis. Talking to someone face to face can make all of the difference in whether you are going to go the distance or not. It’s also a good way to stay safe and ensure the person you are speaking to is who they say they are.

Use the post

This is an old-fashioned idea, I know. Say you’ve met someone on a Kent dating site, you get on, you’ve had a couple of Zoom calls and things are going well. If you are horrible at writing, remember, it isn’t just letters you can send through the post. I’ve sent countless little treats to my friends when they are having a hard time since this pandemic started, and it’s a nice way to show someone you are thinking of them. So why not send the person you are dating a little treat box with a hand-written note on that day they have a stressful presentation or have been having a hard time home-schooling? Trust me, finding out someone is thinking of you is always welcome.


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