It’s A Love Lockdown

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I know a lot of people that have simply given up on love during this third national lockdown we are having in the UK. you can’t go on an ACTUAL date with anyone, so what is the point right? Well, actually you might be wrong. Although I know a lot of people that have completely given up dating because of the lockdown, some people have just adapted and overcome, and, get this, they are dating MORE in lockdown. How does that figure then? Well, actually, there are a LOT of ways you can date virtually. Because coronavirus is a once-in-a-lifetime event, some people are doing something they have never done, which is online dating. Even I have been dipping my toes in the dating pool, and what if I told you there were LOADS of ways you could date without leaving your living room?

Register to a local dating site

I’ve only ever been signed up to all of the national, free, “popular” dating sites. That was, until lockdown, when I realised how much better local ones are. You know on a certain dating site “designed to be deleted” I used yo get matched to people miles and miles away from Essex. well, now we can travel and travelling for dating is going to be  low priority. Save yourself the hassle and for example, if you are from Northamptonshire, sign up for a dating agency Northamptonshire so that you ONLY get matched to people in your area. Then, when they slowly but surely do open the world back up, you’ll b able to meet up with your potential date for a walk. When we do start being allowed to meet up, meeting people outside will usually be one of the first things they start to allow again. Also, if you get chatting to someone in your area, you can talk about your favourite local places and have a conversation starter.

Make use of video calls

I’ve had a couple of video call dates now. To be honest, if they are just a video call they are really awkward. I strongly believe video calls just for the sake of video calls should only be used in a working environment. But there are things you can do to make a video call date fun! One of my personal favourites is to watch each others favourite film in the background and talk about it. You could also cook together. Or eat together. If you order the same takeaway, you can set it up to eat together like you have a dinner date.

Long phone calls on walks

I know what it’s like when you meet someone you are attracted to. Say you log on to Northampton dating site and you have a message from someone totally on your wavelength. You honestly just want to talk and talk and talk don’t you? So a good idea is to take the call hands-free and go for a walk. You wouldn’t believe how quickly it goes when you are walking and talking, and dating someone local means they will be able to talk about the area you are walking.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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