Dating During Coronavirus

Bridge in Jacksonville

*This post was sponsored by Jacksonville personals.

Dating has probably been something that has been pushed to the back of a lot of single people’s minds in the last year or so. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone in the world’s lives. The current vaccine programme means that people can see a time when they will be able to go back to their normal dating lives. Getting back into the swing of things might be difficult at first, but if you live in a bustling area like Jacksonville then you can jump back on the dating wagon as soon as everyone is allowed a little bit more freedom. Getting used to being allowed out for anything other than essential items, and, shock, being allowed to hug people is going to feel weird at first after everything that has happened. The good thing about Jacksonville is that there are PLENTY of outdoor places for dates, which are likely to be the safest in light of what is going on. Meeting people is pretty easy here too, as the people are an easy-going bunch! Here are my top tips:

Use a local dating site

It’s one thing to sign up to dating sites when you are under a strict lockdown to have a bit of a flirt, but if you are aiming for something long term, local dating sites are a lot more likely to help you find someone local and like-minded. Dating sites like Jacksonville Personals will help you to find people that are close enough to you to meet up with. People who use dating sites tend to be more “serious” also so you never know, you could find “The One”.

It’s all in the profile

If you are going to use a local dating site to find a date, you will probably notice that the profiles are a bit more “in-depth” than the usual, three or four words you see on the national dating sites. As good as it is to be thorough on your profile, the best thing to be thorough on is what you are looking for in a partner. Have you ever heard the phrase “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”? Well, it’s true. Why mess around with people that are not for you. Local dating sites give you the option to SPECIFICALLY state which type of person you would like to meet.

Date outside at first

The restrictions have changed a lot in America, especially with the recent change of administration. To be on the safe side, organise your first few dates when you are back into the swing of things for places that are outside. It’s better to be safe than sorry and if you are dating in Jacksonville you are spoiled for choice with places to go that are outside. First of all, there is the Catty Shack Ranch, a big tiger rescue, and there is also Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Big Talbot and Little Talbot Island are also winners in the warmer weather, with secret beaches and bike paths. There is also a pretty amazing hiking trail that used to be a railroad, the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail. The great thing is, the weather in Jacksonville is pretty reliable. 

When you are reading to take your dating inside, there are plenty of things to do in Jacksonville. The Museum of Science and History is one of the more famous attractions in Jacksonville, isn’t just for kids! With exhibits like Health in Motion, where you can discover what “moves” you, you will certainly have loads to talk about on future dates. You could also catch a show at the famous Florida theatre, which is another attraction the town is well-known for.



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