Top 7 Documentaries on Amazon Prime

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One of the benefits to all of these lockdowns for me personally, is that I have had a lot more time to watch documentaries. I actually thrive off of any form of knowledge, and I can even sit through documentaries about things I’m not particularly interested in at the start if it means learning something new. Netflix used to be really good for factual content but to be honest they have been a bit rubbish recently. That’s why I turned to Amazon Prime for the best documentaries, and having watched loads I thought I would share my findings with you all.

1. Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer

Why do we all find serial killer documentaries so interesting? I think Ted Bundy is one of the most talked about/written about serial killers. But just when you thought you knew it all, Amazon Prime start showing a great take on him, from a woman’s perspective. There are some particularly grim parts, so be warned if you are squeamish this might not be for you.

2. Capital in the 21st Century

Capital in the 21st Century is based on a book by a famous economist and explains the concept of capitalism quite easily for anyone who does not necessarily understand it properly. It’s both equal parts scary and fascinating and scary how such a small percentage of the population of America controls the majority of the wealth.

3. 9/11 The Falling Man

Personally, I find documentaries about 9/11 really interesting. When you think about how massive it was it can be quite overwhelming. The Falling Man is a documentary about the heart-breaking image of a man who threw himself out of one of the WTC windows as the tower was on fire. It’s a sad watch, but also an interesting take on the reporting of the day.

4. North Korea: The Great Illusion

Everyone that knows me knows I am fully obsessed with North Korea. I don’t know why. I think it’s because there is so LITTLE information about it online. This is a great insight about the shift in power from the death of Kim-Jong Il to his son Kim-Jong Un. Also, this is completely off-topic but one of my favourite websites ever is Kim-Jong Il looking at things. 

5. Michael Jackson: The Last 24 Hours

Regardless of what happened in Michael Jackson’s life, his death is interesting because it goes to show how far you can push a medical professional if you have the money. Michaels personal physician Conrad Murray, actually had his license revoked for his part in Michael’s death.

6. Deep Web

I’ve always been curious about the dark web. Not that there is anything particular I would have purchased from sites like Silk Road, but it just boggles my little mind that there can be an entirely separate “internet” out there that is completely untraceable. Deep web looks at this dark side of the internet, and in particular the Silk Road marketplace that has been closed down, but in its heyday offered things for sale like drugs and guns.

7. All in: The Fight for Democracy 

Stacey Abrams became a household name in the 2020 Presidential Election. American voter suppression was around long before the shenanigans Donald Trump tried to pull off by saying the election was cheated. This documentary looks at voter suppression and it’s a little bit scary how easy it is to supress minorities votes.




One response to “Top 7 Documentaries on Amazon Prime”

  1. Thank you for these suggestions! I love documentaries but I’ll be honest, I freaking HATE Netflix documentaries. They are so boring and drag on for like 16 episodes longer than needed. I don’t think I’ve successfully made it through ONE Netflix True Crime doc. But I have Amazon Prime and I’m a fan so I’ll definitely be checking some of these out, thank you!


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