How to Find and Hire the Perfect Design Blogger

Design Bloggers UK

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The wonderful world of blogging manages to give me insight into so many niches. One of the main reasons I enjoy blogging is because I get to learn about all of the different types of blog and different types of blogger. In this world, you are learning something new every single day. A niche that I love is design blogging. Many of the bloggers I follow on my socials are design bloggers and not only do they have super stunning blogs, but they also design their templates and presets which is a great way to make some money from blogging. If you are a design brand, working with a design bloggers is an absolute must, and I can give you insider information on how you can approach them for your brand and how to build a long-lasting partnership that benefits both of you.

What are the benefits of hiring a design blogger?

If you are a design company or a person who is selling design software, fonts or tools then hiring a design blogger could be the best decision you ever make. For a start, you’ll be hiring someone who knows how to get the best out of what your company are offering. If you make fonts or design templates, hiring someone creative gives you the best chance of you being able to advertise them to other design bloggers, who will potentially make a purchase. UK design bloggers are a close-knit community, so your campaign with one blogger could have the potential to have incredible reach in the design blogging world.

Use Get Blogged

If you haven’t heard of Get Blogged, then you should go and check out their website. If you are looking to collaborate with bloggers to advertise your product or service, they have thousands of bloggers signed up to their platform. They have a huge number of design bloggers UK on their platform.

The way it works is that Get Blogged will post your job and allow bloggers with the domain authority you are looking for, to apply for the project. A closing date will be applied to the opportunity, and bloggers on the platform that meet the requirements will be able to apply before the closing date. Get Blogged will then take all of the work out of your hands by picking the best design blogger or design bloggers to work with you for the project. Get Blogged also handle all of the edits and the payments to the bloggers, so the platform really does make it so that you as a brand or company do not need to do the bulk of the work to get your project off of the ground.

Check out their Instagram

Although the majority of bloggers are creative, because of the nature of blogging in general, you will find that design bloggers tend to have blogs and social feeds that are that little bit more aesthetically pleasing than usual.

Here are some of my favourites to get you started:

Abi Design


Design Soda

The La Edit

Doodles by the Bunny

Top tips for working with bloggers through Get Blogged

– Allow them to be creative. Although you will need to provide a brief to Get Blogged, you can make your brief so that the blogger or bloggers can use their creativity as much as possible.

– Make sure your timeframe is realistic. Unlike other types of blog post, a design blog post can take a little bit more time for the blogger to create because they also need to make it look nice. You can help them by ensuring the time to complete the post is reasonable.

– Give the design blogger a theme. Although you want to let them get creative, giving a design blogger a theme is a great way to ensure they use your design product for a set purpose. This will show others how easy it is to use your product or service. Remember, the ultimate goal is to show the world how great your product or service is, so if you give a specific theme like creating a Christmas card or a baby shower invite, you will be showing potential customers how they can do this too.

– Don’t forget to add the socials. When you use Get Blogged you can specify in the brief which social networks you would like the blogger to share the posts on. If you use Pinterest or Instagram you can get the blogger to tag you.


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