Finding a Date in Los Angeles

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There is a reason L.A is a firm favourite with celebrities and rich and powerful people. Not only is the City of Angels blessed with great weather the majority of the time, but there is so much to see and do, even the people that live there never run out of new experiences to try. Living or working in Los Angeles can be great for your dating life too. There are so many people in the city, there are literally hundreds of potential matches to choose from. With the vaccine rollout currently taking place in America, it looks like the world will slowly but surely start getting back to normal. So now that dating is back on your radar, here are some tips on finding, planning and having the perfect date in L.A.

Finding a date in Los Angeles

Finding a date in Los Angeles might sound easy because of the sheer amount of people, but unfortunately when you meet people in public places you don’t get to learn a lot about them initially. This is why a website like Los Angeles Personals is prefect. If you use a local dating site, not only are you guaranteed to find a date in your area, but you can also see a bit about your potential date on their online profile before you decide whether you want to chat or not.

Planning a date in Los Angeles

If you are going to organise a date in Los Angeles, it is important that you and your date plan ahead. There are so many different things to do in L.A, you will need an idea of where you are going to dress appropriately. After all, imagine how embarrassing it would be to turn up in hiking gear to Nobu, or vice versa.

Going on a date in Los Angeles

If you are dating in Los Angeles you will probably be familiar with the area and have some favourite places, but here are some ideas on locations you can choose in the city for your date.

The Beach

There are a number of beautiful beaches in L.A, but Long Beach and Santa Monica are probably the most popular. Santa Monica has the added benefit of having a pier, so you can take a romantic stroll while enjoying some of L.A’s culinary delights and looking out to sea.


I know, this sounds like a weird date idea to me too, but apparently there are people in Loa Angeles that think hiking up Runyon Canyon is a great date. Whatever floats your boat!

Go out for dinner

I have already mentioned celeb-spotting favourite Nobu, but if that is a bit out of your price limit, there are plenty of mid-level restaurants like The Little Door, Perch and the Westbourne.

Go to the cemetery to catch a movie

I get this sounds a bit creepy, but the Hollywood Forever Cemetery sometimes have movie nights run by Cinespia. It’s certainly something different to try! A shared experience like this is always a great talking point for future dates.


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