JBL Flip 5 Speaker Review – 8 Reasons it Will Change Your Life

JBL Flip 5 speaker

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I’ve always been someone that loves music, to the point where I have even DJ’d a couple of times in my youth (long LONG time ago now). A lot of the music I listen to is house, and you just simply cannot listen to that type of music on a substandard speaker. After having been through a number of cheap speakers across the course of 2020, towards the end of the year, I found my perfect speaker: the JBL Flip 5. Here are 8 reasons why I think this is the best speaker ever.

The sound quality is really good

Obviously, you wouldn’t expect miracles when it comes to sound quality of little bluetooth speakers. Now I am not saying you get nightclub quality sound out of the JBL Flip 5, but for a speaker of its size, the sound quality is surprisingly good.

The battery lasts ages

Can you even begin to imagine being in the middle of a anger like “Breathe” by Camelphat and your speaker battery running out? It would be bad enough if it happened while you were alone but imagine this happening while you have guests? I’d be MORTIFIED. Thankfully, the speaker on the JBL Flip 5 lasts a long time. I use it every morning while I shower and I only have to charge it once a week.

It’s waterproof

So you wouldn’t be able to go scuba-diving with it, but yes, the JBL Flip 5 is waterproof. You can take it on holiday to use it by the beach or by the pool, or you can do what I do and use it to sing “Think Twice” by Celly D in the shower.

It’s easy to use

I am blessed that I am quite a technology-minded person, so I get on with little gadgets like this well, but if you are a bit of a technophobe, the JBL Flip 5 speaker is so easy to use. It has a clearly marked play, power and wifi button, so you cannot go wrong.

It’s durable

I’m quite clumsy, so whenever I shell out £90 on something it has to be able to pass the “I’ve dropped it” test. Pleased to confirm I have dropped this speaker a couple of times and it is still right as rain. I’m not suggesting you chuck it about willy nilly, but it is quite hardy.

It has “Party Boost” mode

So this is one I haven’t tried yet, because, lockdown, but you can connect multiple speakers together using party boost mode. Essentially, you can use the JBL Flip 5 to create your own surround sound if you and a friend have the same speaker.

It connects to loads of different devices

The Flip 5 is a great all around speaker. I use it with my laptop, my phone and my iPad. It connects to anything that has Bluetooth capability, so I think that adds on value for money as it is the only speaker you will need to buy.

It’s portable

The sound quality being good on this speaker does not compromise how portable it is. It is lightweight, and small enough to fit in the average handbag. As the battery lasts so long, you can definitely pack it for a beach day or a picnic and be confident you will get use out of it all day.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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