The Best FREE Tools for Bloggers and how to use Them

Being a blogger is actually a lot more in-depth than just writing posts. One of the huge parts of blogging is gaining, managing and maintaining social profiles. You also need to be able to take pictures to go with your writing and for channels like Instagram and Twitter. Using certain tools for your blog, as well as paying for your domain and hosting can work out incredibly expensive. Especially if you are just starting out and you might not be making a huge mount of money just yet. There are a number of different free tools and platforms you can use as a blogger to try and make your life a little bit easier, and I have listed some of my favourite ones and what you can do using them.

TweetDeck for scheduling tweets

I am of the Twitter generation. I think the majority of Millenials would class Twitter as their largest and most often-used platform. My Twitter account is a huge source of traffic for my blog. Managing social media accounts can be quite time-consuming, so if you are keen to build up a good social following using an automation tool might be beneficial to you. “Scheduling” tools allow you to create and schedule posts in bulk in advance. There are quite a few of these scheduling tools available that might give you the first week free, and then after you have to pay for the service. My favourite, completely free, scheduling tool is TweetDeck. TweetDeck is free and remains free throughout the time you use it.

First of all, you sign in with your Twitter log in. Twitter will ask you if you give this app permission, which is perfectly normal. Once you get into the main UI, you can start to schedule tweets! You just need to click the “new tweet” button and type out the tweet and add your link. Once you have crafted your perfect tweet, you can click on “schedule” and enter the date and time you want it to send.

Get Blogged

There are a couple of different platforms you can find work opportunities on as a blogger, but my favourite is by far Get Blogged. One of the main reasons I love Get Blogged is because they pay so quickly. It’s not unlikely to have same-day payments from them either, which can be so handy if you are saving up for something. All payments are made by PayPal. Get Blogged is currently free to join and you can sign up for free if you have a domain authority of 5 or over.

Other bloggers

Other bloggers are one of the BEST free resources you will ever find in bogging. Not only have they been through everything you are currently going through yourself, they are also usually contactable and so friendly if you want to ask them something. A lot of bloggers create free advice posts, and my favourites by far are Jenny in Neverland and Kayleigh Zara. Jenny has a great freebie library, but she does also have a few eBooks for sale for very reasonable prices. Kayleigh has a whole section on her website with blogging advice, and like Jenny, she also has some eBooks on her site that are super-helpful.

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