Your Ultimate Post-Pandemic Party Guide

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Even though I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I have been to some brilliant party’s in my time, and I’ve organised some very fabulous events. Between when I was 14 and 25 I did drink which of course, does make partying a bit easier. Once when I was around 19, I popped to my local shop for a Chinese, met this couple, and went to a party in their flat above the shops. When I was a little younger than that, I went to a party so random my friend and I stole a hoover attachment from the boy’s Mum’s Dyson (in a testament to how much we have grown up, I am not the Godmother to her son and a couple of years back we did message the boy to apologise). When I had my little flat I borrowed the fully-sized PA speakers and had decks and my birthday party lasted the entire weekend. My 16th entailed everyone getting a jelly shot as soon as they showed me their invitation. So although I don’t have a “party planner” on my CV, I still have some great tips to help you plan your post-lockdown rager.

The main thing is now, we do have a roadmap to come out of the Coronavirus restrictions in the UK, I think one thing is for sure: SO MANY people are going to have a huge party as soon as they are allowed. I am already starting on the plans for the party I am going to have when we are allowed again. Seeing as I am in party-planning mode, I thought I would share with you some of my top tips for throwing your first party, post-lockdown.

Send your invites early

I think even the most unsociable people are going to be pretty busy in that immediate few months after the world gets “back to normal”. Make sure you set the date and get your invites out as early as possible. You do not necessarily need to use expensive printers, Canva is a pretty good free site you can design and print invites on.

Hire a photo booth


I think you can make the case the lockdowns have made everyone think more about how important making memories is. Being stuck in and not being able to see friends and family for a year. Hiring a photo booth for a party or an event is something that is a “must-have” on my list of tips for planning the best party. Leaving it to the professionals is much better than relying on your drunk friends to snap anything half-decent with their smartphone. You can even hire a 360 photo booth which looks so much fun and will give you the coolest pictures and videos for memories. They are so different, and so much more fun than a standard party booth. In years to come, it will be hard to believe that we all essentially lost a year of our lives.

Get the perfect venue for your party size

The post-pandemic bash I am planing is just going to be in my house because I only have around 10 or 20 people I wanted to invite. Once everything starts to open back up again, you will be able to hire halls and event spaces. If you are going all out, it will probably be worth hiring a hall in your local area. Just make sure you recruit some friends to help you with the setting up and the tidying up.

Make your decorations

Unless the party you are planning is for a child, you don’t need to go overboard on the decorations. The shops are all due to open up again on the 15th of June, so you will have some time then to browse. Long, black curtains are a great way to blackout the room, meaning you do not need loads of expensive decorations, and you can then just use lights to your advantage. Charity shops or eBay are a great resource for looking for second-hand curtains, party decorations, or lights.

Have a plan and a budget for your buffet

Party food does not have to be pricey, but whatever your budget is, being organised is the key. Create a list of “main” buffet food (like sandwiches and sausage rolls), “sides” party food like crisps and nuts, and then “dessert” party food like cakes and biscuits. If you are prepared to make the food yourself Aldi and Lidl are a great shout for the food, and the Poundshop or B&M is your Holy Grail for platters, cups, etc. If you are less than an enthusiastic chef (or sandwich cutter), then supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and M&S do party food platters already made up.

Get EVERYONE involved in the music

If you do not know a DJ or you cannot afford to hire one, why not get ALL of the guests involved in the music? You can create a shared Spotify playlist and get everyone to add a certain amount of songs. Then all you will need is some good speakers and a laptop and everyone who is there will get to hear a couple of songs they have chosen.


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  1. Some really good ideas there and yes canva is great for sure great read


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