Dating in Nottinghamshire

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I got word from my full-time job earlier this week that we are essentially going to be allowed to work from home a couple of days a week because we have managed to do so for a year. It will be interesting to see what the world is like post-Covid won’t it? I keep seeing a meme shared about how gross blowing out birthday candles will seem. A lot’s changed and that includes dating. A lot of people who would have dismissed online dating before have found it is a necessity now. More people are dating online than ever before. Here are my top tips on dating online.

Choose a local site

If you use one of the sites that cover all of the UK, even if you use a geo filter you still get matched to people miles away. Using something like Nottinghamshire Dating Site guarantees you will find someone local. The good thing about eating locally is also that you will automatically have something to talk about. You can easily start a conversation about your favourite places to get a drink or a favourite restaurant.

Make sure your profile is detailed

When I say this, I also mean that you should be detailed in what you are looking for. Dating online means that you skip the awkward first part of a relationship where you are trying to figure out if you match or not. Dating online gives you the ability to say a thing like “I am looking for a serious relationship and I enjoy going to restaurants”. You should return the favour by making your profile detailed. The main advice I would give is not to lie. It can be tempting to hide our vices like smoking and drinking alcohol, but that will cause you problems down the line. What might seem small to you, could be a deal-breaker for them. For example, I don’t drink alcohol, and although I don’t mind if people around me drink, I couldn’t be in a relationship with a heavy drinker.

Explore the local area

Right now, as I write this, we are allowed to meet up with people outside. So if you do want to go on a date, you will have to find a park or something similar. If you are jumping into Nottinghamshire Dating, you have loads of cool places for a first date. Sherwood Forest is lovely and you can pretend you, Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Nottinghamshire has some great museums, like the National Justice Museum, the Haunted Museum and the Nottingham Industrial Museum, which is particularly interesting. If you are a bit too young to appreciate a nice walk and a museum, then there are plenty of clubs and bars. There is a bar called The Lost City, which is also a miniature golf course. Rock City is also a must if you like live music. If you like the finer things in life you might try Pitcher & Piano, which is very high-end.


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