Dating Like a Pro in Norfolk

*This post was sponsored by Norfolk Dating Site.

Online dating has had a bad reputation in the past. But the reason you will often see news stories about people online not being who they say you are is that it would be pretty boring to write about the thousands of people that have successfully dated online. Studies show that 22% of the couples that met online have gone on to marry. It’s also worth noting the world is set to change after Covid-19. It looks like working from home is set to become more popular, and people who started dating online during lockdown will probably find that necessity is the mother of invention. People also seem to be coming around to the fact that local dating sites are a lot better than the big players. Here are some tips on local dating:

Make sure your profile is good

Realistically, nowadays, you can stalk someone to find out a lot about them online. So you need to think carefully about what someone can already find out about you and what gaps you can fill in. Using something local like a Norfolk Dating Site gives you the ability to bypass speaking to someone that lives miles away because no matter how you geo-filter on a big dating site you ALWAYS end up speaking to someone miles away. With a local dating site, you can be CERTAIN you are only finding local matches. The good thing about dating online is not only that you can make your profile detailed, but you can also describe what you want in a relationship. Make sure you are honest, as things like how much you drink or smoke may seem insignificant to you, but they could be a deal-breaker for someone else. Also, take an honest picture. If you filter it and make edits, the real you will be a bit of a shock to your date. Just remember there is someone for everyone, and someone out there will find your authentic self attractive.

Have good “chat”

I can’t tell you the number of times I have found a boy attractive but then there is just no conversation. The good thing about local dating, for example, Norfolk Dating, is that you automatically have something in common. You can talk about local places you like, either bars and restaurants or places of interest, like Sandringham.

Pick a good first date

Because you have met on a local dating, you should both be brimming with ideas on where to go. Norfolk is a great place to live with the Covid-19 restrictions because you can meet up for a walk at one of the many beaches. Cromer and Great Yarmouth are lovely beaches, and in the warmer weather, you can take a picnic and watch the waves. There are also several wildlife parks and zoos that are opening up again soon (as I write this, it could all change). Banham zoo has tigers, leopards, sea lions (cute!) and giraffes. If you are more of a thrill-seeker, then Pleasurewood Hills might be the one for you. If you are a bit of an action hero, you might want to try Go Ape, even if you get scared, at least you will have something to laugh at on future dates. 


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