The Best Date Ideas in San Diego

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At no point in this past year, have we ever had more of a reason to be optimistic about the world opening back up again. With the vaccination roll-out in America being a resounding success, it looks like places that have previously been closed are going to be able to open up real soon. I’ve already written you a post about how to host the BEST post-pandemic party, but now I want to touch on something that affects me and I am sure a lot of you personally: dating. Because of the various restrictions, and how “up and down” the numbers of cases have been, it’s been hard to try and arrange your dating life. The area in the spotlight today is San Diego, and I have some fabulous tips on securing and going on a date in San Diego.

Finding a date in San Diego

I think one of the things that might end up being a little hidden benefit of the terrible situation is that people are getting more and used to dating online.I’m not really one for those huge dating sites that match you with someone perfect for you who lives miles away. Using a local dating site like San Diego Personals ensures you meet someone from the area, and they also tend to have a few more details on than the bigger sites.

Going on a date in San Diego

There are two main things you will need to find out about your potential date location is if they are open, and if you are required to wear a mask. The great thing is, you are spoiled for choice if you are dating in San Diego. Here are a few date ideas to get you started.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego zoo is now very much open, albeit with a couple of changes. First of all, you can’t just turn up on the day any more. The park need to know how many people will be there so you need advanced tickets. There are also some restrictions on shows, shopping and dining as they open back up. I will ALWAYS love the zoo as a date idea as you have so much to talk about.

The La Jolla Caves

Whether you are going as pat of a guided tour, or just exploring yourself, the La Jolla Caves are a great date idea in this post-pandemic world because they are outside. They can be accessed via one of the many national parks in San Diego.

Little Italy

To me, food and drink should be the staple of any relationship. If you enjoy going out to eat together, you have got something super solid! With restaurants slowly but surely opening back up, taste some authentic Italian fare at places like Bobboi Natural Gelato and Panetteria, you will be able to get the full Italian dinging experience.


If eating and caving is a bit too slow for you. you might consider Seaworld, which is currently open with some indoor exhibits even being open now. Face coverings are required and they have limited capacity, but the good news is most of the rides are open, even the new “Emperor Dive Coaster”.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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