PERSONAL POST: 10 Random Facts About me

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As I have been running some Facebook advertising recently, I’ve started to gain some new followers here and there from various platforms. Over the next few months, I will be sharing my garden renovation with you on both my blog and my YouTube Channel. But before I start letting you in my garden to nose around my herb patch (which the kitten keeps peeing on), I thought I’d write a fun little post with some facts about me.

My favourite food is fried chicken

I’ve always had a great liking for fried chicken, but I started to fall more and more in love with it on my various trips to the Philippines. They have a fast-food restaurant out there called Jollibee and Jollibee fried chicken and rice is without question, my favourite food. Fried chicken is randomly quite popular in the Philippines, which is one of the reasons it is my life goal to live there.

While we are on chicken…..I’ve had chickenpox three times

If you don’t believe me you can ask my Mum, Trace. But yeah. I had it once when I was a baby, at around the one-year mark I think, then the next time I was a toddler, and the last time I had it was actually when I was about ten or eleven so it was just super embarrassing.

I don’t drink alcohol

gave up alcohol in August of 2017. I have had about 2 or 3 slips since, but honestly, it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I wouldn’t just get a hangover after drinking alcohol, I’d be physically sick for two days and my anxiety would be through the roof for about a week. When I think about what I am like when I am drunk I cringe as well. I don’t think I can just explain in the text on my little blog how much of a positive thing it is. I lost 3.5 stone without doing any dieting. My mental health is a LOT better. I sleep well. There are just so many benefits. Even though I don’t drink, I still know how hard it is to think about giving up. It was a book by Allan Carr (not that Alan Carr) that got me through.

I once had my toe sewn back on

Yes, this one is disgusting. I can’t even tell you how much it hurt when the Doctor injected the anaesthetic into the open wound. I was working a season in Greece as a kids club supervisor, and a new guy had arrived the night it happened. Me being me, and wanting to be kind, I offered to show him around the town we lived in. While we were walking up a hill, I accidentally kicked a rock with my flip flop on and the impact tore my toe near enough off. The next day, I went to the little health centre and I had to have something to numb it in the open wound and then had it sewn back on. Pretty grim (I have a great picture but I won’t put it on here as it is gross).

My middle name is Lafawnduh

I don’t know if you have ever seen Napoleon Dynamite but 1. if not, WHY? and 2. that film is where the name “Lafawnduh” comes from. I didn’t have a middle name before this, and one night when I was out drunk I just changed my middle name by deed poll to Lafawnduh and I have never got around to changing it back.

I once changed my friends’ middle name by deed poll without her knowing

When my friend hit thirty, my other friend and I wanted to do something special but hilarious to her to mark the occasion. It was a few years back now, so I can’t even remember where we got the idea, but we changed her name legally, by deed poll, to “Fanny Growler” without her knowing. Luckily she saw the funny (or Fanny) side, but that was only until she started working at a school and needed a CRB.

(Obviously had to do a lot of blanking out here for my friends’ privacy but you get the idea).

A few years back, I got ordained as a reverend online

Since then, I have never in my entire life used this title, but Reverend and Lawfawnduh in the same name seems like a great way to get stopped at customs.

I HATE mayo

Oh my GOD, it is VILE. I simply cannot understand why people put mayo on their food for pleasure. It is the absolute grossest thing I have ever tasted in my life. Even the smell makes me feel sick.

I’m banned from the Camden Holiday Inn

This again was a few years ago and in my defence, it was when I still drunk alcohol. I can’t exactly remember what happened but we invited these boys back to our room and they were being a nightmare, drinking and smoking in the room and wouldn’t leave when we asked them. We phoned reception to help and they refused to help us. In the end, we called the police, and because we were feeling guilty we begged them not to be too hard on them until a police officer fished my friend’s phone out of one of their pockets.

I am scared of accordions

The worst thing about this is, I don’t even know why. They are just something I have been scared of since I was a little girl. I mean, let’s be honest, they don’t exactly make a nice noise do they? No one in their right mind would sit there and think “oh I might listen to some relaxing accordion music”. Also, they just look a bit tacky. Sorry if I offend any accordion players that read my blog.

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