What Does Kismet Mean to You?

Girl wearing a kismet necklace

*AD – This post was sponsored by Sparkling Jewellery




  • 1.destiny; fate:“what chance did I stand against kismet?”
When I was younger, I was never a particularly spiritual person. But when I was devastated by a break-up, I went to the Philippines for 3 months, came back, started a blog, used it as my CV and worked my way up the ladder to work at one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. When I took a step back and thought about it, if the break up didn’t happen, none of this would have happened.
After this, I started to really believe everything happens for a reason.
Whatever kismet means to you, Sparkling Jewellery have the perfect collection of kismet jewellery to remind you that fate always has your back in the end.

Silver original kismet necklace

This is my favourite piece, and also the one I have on in the featured picture. I wear silver rings, and this matches them so well. My jewellery style could be described as “simple, yet effective”. You can also get the double ring in gold, and the single ring in rose gold.

Sparkly karma earrings

I LOVE these. You can take the girl out of Essex, but you can’t take the Essex out of the girl. Sparkly things attract me like they would a magpie. They do come in silver also, but I do really like the rose gold colour. These will probably be my next jewellery investment, as I have a fake rose gold Calvin Klein watch from the Philippines.

Sparkly silver karma necklace

I love this one. It’s like an upgrade of the standard silver kismet necklace, but it is the SAME price. That’s one of the things I love so much about Sparkling Jewellery, and why I have been a loyal customer of theirs since 2014. Although I get sent stuff here and there through my blog, I have actually personally invested in quite a few bits of jewellery from them as well. They are a great price, amazing quality and they last years and years. My two coin necklace is still going strong.



2 responses to “What Does Kismet Mean to You?”

  1. Love the idea behind the brand and all these pieces! I really like the original necklace, something classic that can be worn everyday and never go out of fashion! x


  2. […] so much, that they are my “go to” jewellery website. I’ve mentioned in my recent posts about them, that I originally fell in love with their two coin necklace but ended up loving the majority of […]


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