DoubleTree Hilton London Victoria Review

DoubleTree Hilton London Victoria

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There are some fantastic money bloggers out there (my two favourites are Neesha Rees and Lotty Earns). I am not a money blogger. I am the worst influence you will ever find in your life when it comes to spending your money. I don’t have a husband to save with, or a child to pay for, so once my bills are paid, all of my money goes on ME and I LOVE IT (although quite a lot is being eaten up by project garden at the moment). So when I was planning a trip to Birmingham to meet my beautiful Godson for the first time (there are loads of pictures on my social media), I booked the coach from London Victoria (which would have been quite thrifty of me if I didn’t bin off the one I’d paid for off and take the train, thus paying for that as well), I thought “why not stay in London?”. 

In my defence, my coach left at 8 am and I would have had to have been up at 5 am to leave and we were going for lunch at Bank and the Birmingham SEAlife centre that day so I needed my energy. That was how I ended up concluding it was better to book myself into the lovely DoubleTree Hilton in London Victoria. I have stayed in a DoubleTree Hilton before on Dockland but I forgot to include it into my It’s More Fun In Your 30s Travel Section because I was a bit worse for wear! I don’t drink anymore so you will get coherent reviews.


Travelling by coach or train? the DoubleTree in Victoria is perfect for both. It’s behind the train station (which was great for me when I needed Boots and wanted Itsu), and it is only a very VERY short walk to the coach station. There are a lot of shops in the actual train station, and there is a shopping centre close by too. My bag for the weekend was fairly heavy and I had no problem carrying it the short distance to get my coach. 


The rooms are the DoubleTree Hilton in Victoria are spacious, clean and modern. Pretty much the top three things you want in a hotel room, right? As you can see from my post’s main picture, the beds in the rooms of the DoubleTree Hilton London Victoria are quite big. One of the best perks about the room for myself, even though I was only staying one night, was that it had a fridge! That meant I could get some sushi and edamame beans from Itsu and save them for later without it all going sweaty in the warm weather. The television was big and had loads of channels, and there was a desk in case you needed to catch up on work. My favourite part of the room was the bath, which was very deep. This double room would be JUST enough space for two people, so don’t even consider trying to fit in three. If you are on your own having a “self-care” evening though, it is a perfect size. 


My room rate was pretty good. It was a Saturday night and I paid £110 for one night and breakfast was included. Due to the fact I had eaten a huge lunch before I went, I wasn’t up for a proper dinner, which is why I just got Itsu. I did order a curry from room service and it was very nice. My usual suspicion in situations like that is that it is a microwave number, but it tasted fresh. 

In the morning, I got to sample the hotel’s breakfast and it was very tasty. It was a standard full English, serve yourself at the buffet situation. I had the dining room mostly to myself as it was so early. Every little touch you expect on a fry-up was there. The creamy scrambled eggs. Bacon in whichever crispiness you prefer. Tomatoes. Hash browns. If you book on the room rate usually includes breakfast.


The first time I stayed at a DoubleTree and they offered me a warm, fresh cookie when I checked in, I thought it was just a “one-off” for that hotel, but it is one of their signature rituals at check-in. From the moment I checked in, I knew the service would be great. The check-in process was smooth, the only slight grumble I do have is that the pre-auth they take on your card took over a week to go back into my available funds. I wasn’t dinner hungry, but I did order a curry from room service on Saturday evening. The ordering process was straightforward and it came hot and it came quick. In the morning, one of the staff kindly saw me alone at the table and come and showed me where all of the breakfast staff was. Even though I was only there for one night, and I didn’t need a lot of staff support, I got the feeling nothing was too much trouble for them.

Overall rating – 9/10

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One response to “DoubleTree Hilton London Victoria Review”

  1. I doubt that I will be visiting London any time soon, but I do keep tabs on many travel blogs and reviews that people make about the surrounding areas and hot spots. I have to say I envy your stay at the DoubleTree Hilton. I would honestly love to be able to travel there, but my job, kids, and home life keep me pretty sedentary. Your post draws a lovely picture and I really envy your fun and freedom! I hope to keep posted about your adventures! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    Shyla –


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