How to Find the Right Celebrity for Your Event

Celebrities aren’t as untouchable as some people think!  Most stars are available for paid appearances.  From comedians like Damon Wayans Jr to musicians like Beyonce, the only thing stopping you is your budget and the timing of your event!

Here are the top things to consider when celebrity shopping for a celebration coming up in your life.

Consider the Event’s Theme

Although not every celebration has a theme: most do, even if they don’t realize it!  Is it a general theme, like a birthday party or a graduation celebration, or something more specific like a 90s themed party or a pirate party?  Some celebrities work with particular themes, while others work for nearly every party. For example, you can hire famous drag queens to help boost the energy in an 80s party or seek out famous singers to cover themed songs for a Halloween party.  The theme will help you pick the talent.

What Does the Guest of Honor Enjoy?  

If this is a birthday party, a graduation party, or any other party that’s focused on one or two guests of honor, then consider their tastes.  Is there a popular band they’re in love with or a comedian that leaves them howling after every joke?  Even if they’re not much of a celebrity person, consider if they love any specific podcasts, shows, or songs, and try to make the night magical for them.

What’s Your Budget?

Not every celebrity performance is affordable!  Shakira can cost over a million dollars to hire for a set that’s less than two hours long, while other celebrities are far more affordable.  You’re not going to be able to hire someone internationally known for a couple of hundred dollars.  Budget out what you’re willing to spend, and figure out what celebrities you enjoy fall within that budget.

What Celebrities are in Your Area?

Sometimes location matters.  Some famous people may not want to travel, even if it’s for a good amount of money.  If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to check what celebrities live in your area.  This can be easier if you live in states like California or New York, but many are willing to travel as long as the expenses are covered by whoever is hiring them.  This adds to the budget, ensuring that you have this covered in how much you’re saving for their performance.

When Should You Go for an Impersonator?

Sometimes you can’t get the real person, and that’s okay.  If you’ve been trying to get Nicki Minaj and can’t, it’s a good idea to find an impersonator who can make a fun interpretation of her.  Although this isn’t the same as having a famous person at your party, it can keep up some of the energy and show intent in a way.  Impersonators are less expensive, more widely available, and have less of a diva attitude than many celebrities!  This is a great time to consider cover bands since they walk the thin line of impersonators and big fans.

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