Summer Picks From Sparkling Jewellery

*This post was sponsored by Sparkling Jewellery.

It’s no secret that I love Sparkling Jewellery so much, that they are my “go to” jewellery website. I’ve mentioned in my recent posts about them, that I originally fell in love with their two coin necklace but ended up loving the majority of their range and owning loads. Seeing as I haven’t written any kind of summer fashion posts yet because the weather has been so bad, I thought I’d give you all a bit of an update about what I am lusting over now the summer clothes have finally been allowed free from their wardrobe.

Orange Agate Cabochon Silver Ring

I keep seeing this little number on the homepage of the Sparkling Jewellery website and I LOVE it. I looks like this might end up being my little payday treat to myself. rings are my favourite type of jewellery, and I did have a really nice thumb ring that I lost. In the end I replaced it with a very not real silver number from Sainsbury’s (my favourite supermarket), so this could potentially replace that.

Sterling Silver Pug Necklace Ltd Edition


I’m very much one for the animal jewellery. I have a cat ring that two of my best friends got me, and one of my best friends thought the other one was joking when she said about buying it. I think you just get to an age where that quirky style works, and that is why I personally love this pug necklace.

Persian Drop Dangle Earrings

One of the main things I look out for when I am shopping is how unique and original things are. That’s why I love these Persian Star earrings. I’ve not actually ever seen a shape like this, and although I have used the gold photo as an example they come in silver and rose gold also. The great thing about these earrings is that they are eye-catching, but also plain enough to mix and match with other jewellery might own.

Gold Heart Toggle Bracelet

I just love how CUTE this Gold Heart bracelet is. I feel like this is the type of bracelet you could wear without any other jewellery and it would make such a good accessory to a nice dress or jumpsuit, no one would even notice you are not wearing any other jewellery.

Use the code “MOREFUN” at the checkout for 10% off.

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