How to Spend Time Alone

I hate people. That sounds bad. I like my friends and family, the people I work with and

the many friends I have made through my lovely little Twitter community. However, in general, I just do NOT like being out and about mixed among random people. Spending time alone comes naturally to me. Whether it be because I am an only child or if it is just learned behaviour from my busy life, I’m not just CONTENT to spend time alone. I CRAVE it. But during the Coronavirus pandemic, I have realised that I am the exception, rather than the rule. While I am happy to bask in my own company and have a little home spa night, some people struggle with how to spend time alone, so I thought I would give you all some tips.

Take yourself for a coffee

I know a lot of people that are terrified at the thought of sitting in a café alone. That is understandable, however, you don’t realising how liberating it is until you do it. Every Saturday or Sunday I take myself to a café with a book and have some peace and a latte. It’s wonderful to watch the world go by, and if you get up early enough you can usually get a good table. 

Pamper yourself 

Self-care is important. People have different forms of self-care, but I think one of the universally agreed upon forms of self-care is giving yourself a little bit of a pamper. Grab yourself a sheet mask, paint your nails, have a nice foot spa, just do anything that makes you feel good about yourself. 

Learn something new

Learning new things is a huge part of my life. I don’t necessarily mean something as drastic as learning another language or anything like that, I mean just find a documentary or a book on a subject you don’t know much about. Then you can be the annoying smart one that pipes up in a conversation about loads of random things!

Cook yourself something nice

When you think about it, there isn’t any purer form of self-care than cooking yourself something nourishing is there? If I have an evening to myself, and I have a bit of spare cash, I’ll pick what I want ahead, and complete the whole process from start to finish. I like to go to the supermarket and get the ingredients, then come home, put music or a box set on in the kitchen and then cook myself something nice. Granted, you tend to wish you were not home alone when it’s time to wash up but it’s still a nice way to pass a couple of hours.

Go for a walk

I LOVE walking. To be honest it is how I have spent most of my time during the lockdowns. I’ll find myself a good playlist on Spotify and then plan myself a walk where there is a shop halfway so that I can get some water because I hate carrying around big water bottles. When the sun is shining, it’s lovely, but to be honest, if you wrap up, it’s quite nice in the winter as well. I especially like to get in an hour walk before work as it wakes me up for the day.

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